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Careers in focus: Curating

Want to know how to become a curator? These Warwick History of Art graduates share their stories about their careers and how they got started.

Dana Mokaddem

"I knew that the term spent in Venice would open up so much art for me. Warwick gave me vital skills in making presentations and in critical thinking, which I developed over the course of the degree in different modules."

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Grace Storey

"I made the decision to be a curator of contemporary art in my mid-teens... I was attracted by the modules on modern and contemporary art and the fact I could choose my own pathway and specialise."

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Natalia Muñoz-Rojas

"It was probably the module studied with Waddesdon Manor that gave me the greatest inspiration to seek a career as a curator. One reason I chose Warwick was that it is close enough to London to visit galleries and exhibitions easily."

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Claire FitzGerald

"Throughout my studies, I was surrounded by art. What I love most about being a curator is – similarly to my experience at Warwick – you keep learning new things and you're always connected to others."

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