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'All About Art' Discussion Group Live Chats

Join us for the next live chat with the University of Warwick's History of Art department. It is the perfect opportunity to engage with others and share your thoughts on art history.
Previous topics have included: Artists and Water; New Art in Old Places; London: The Great Metropolis; Women Painting Women, and Men; Reading Paintings; Whiter than White, Artists Painting Snow; Candlelight Captured.
Recent feedback from All About Art live chat participants:
  • “A really good opportunity to connect with other students wishing to apply for the same subject.”
  • “A fabulous way to feel involved in the Warwick community I hope to join in October! A highlight of my week.”
  • “Really informative History of Art discussion, would definitely recommend.”
  • "It's a great opportunity to talk and learn about artworks I've not seen before, and to hear from tutors themselves in a less formal, chatty setting."
  • "It was a lovely discussion driven by the students and gently guided by the tutors! I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Live chats take place on Wednesdays at 5pm, UK local time. Register below to join us for our next live chat, or sign up here to receive invites and more information about the University of Warwick.
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