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Entry Requirements

The principal requirements for entry are:
  • Academic Record: Applicants must have a good BA Honours degree (preferably a 1st, but at least a high 2:1). A Masters degree is normally also required (preferably a Distinction).
  • Research Project: Candidates must have sufficient knowledge of their intended thesis topic to be able to provide a detailed research proposal (2000 words in length) as part of their application. The proposal should outline the key research questions to be addressed and the provisional scope and structure of the project. This will enable us to assess your preparedness for PGR study and whether we shall be able to supervise your research.
  • English Language: A high level of written English is required for entry to our research programmes, and the Department requires IELTS scores of 7.0 and above for students who are not from English-speaking countries. It may be possible to waive this requirement if you have recently completed a degree taught in English. Further information on our English language requirements can be found on the University‚Äôs webpages (please note that all History of Art courses fall under Band B).

If you are in any doubt about your language eligibility, or any other aspect of the eligibility criteria, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Giorgio Tagliaferro (G dot Tagliaferro at warwick dot ac dot uk), for advice.