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Waddesdon Manor

We want you to develop your interpretive and analytical skills through first-hand experiences with art.

One of the core modules you will study in your first year is History of Art and Interpretation. In addition to developing your skills as an art historian, this module also helps you prepare for your term in Venice in the second year.

Over four visits to Waddesdon Manor, you will work with the curators there to consider art objects in their context. This helps foster an awareness of the relationship between art and its physical and historical contexts.

Waddesdon Manor is a Neo-Renaissance style country house built for Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild in the 1870s. The Rothschilds were some of the greatest collectors of the 19th century, and as such the house is rich with fine paintings by Gainsborough and Reynolds, and an enormous collection of 18th-century French decorative arts.

Waddesdon Manor is an excellent place to learn how to look at art objects and interpret them in context. The module will support you in learning how to convey your understanding both verbally and in writing.

Students discover the collection at Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire.