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10.00-10.25 Registration, tea and coffee


10.30 Welcome and introduction by Louise Campbell and Rebecca Scragg

10.45 Ruth Brimacombe (National Portrait Gallery), ‘ ‘A peculiarly modern profession’: The nineteenth-century artist-reporter’s role in the promotion of a pre-modernist aesthetic taste.’

11.15 Ann Compton (Glasgow), ‘ “How to Do It”: Re-Reading the Sculpture Manual in the Context of Early British Modernism’


11.45 Refreshments


12.15 Arlene Leis (York), ‘Post-bombing and Blasting: Group X and the Exhibition Catalogue’

12.45 Fiona Hackney (University College Falmouth), ‘The Art of Being Modern: Gendered Subjectivities and Popular Women’s Magazines in Britain in the 1920s and 1930s’

1.15 Michael Hatt (Warwick), response and general discussion


1.45 Lunch and opportunity to look at a display of periodicals


3.00 Juliet Baillie (Birkbeck), ‘ ‘Beauty v. the ‘Modern’: Attitudes towards ‘New Vision’ photography in 1930s Amateur Photographer and Cinematographer Magazine’

3.30 Elizabeth Darling (Oxford Brookes), ‘Towards a ‘Living Contemporary Architecture’: Focus and the Progression of British Architectural Modernism, 1938-39’


4.00 Refreshments


4.30 Lesley Whitworth (University of Brighton Design Archives), ‘Paper shortage and newly abundant colour: some insights into 1940s design publishing opportunities’

5.00 Louise Campbell (Warwick), response and general discussion


5.30 Close