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Art, Air and Illness exhibition at Lanchester Research Gallery.

Curated by Dr Amanda Sciampacone (University of Warwick-Leverhulme Early-Career Fellow), Art, Air and Illness sheds new light on significant relations between art and science in shaping how we perceive and experience the impact of the environment on human health, culturally, societally, and through the very air we breathe. It showcases an exceptional range of rare archival maps, weather charts, historic meteorological texts, and public health photographs on loan from the National Meteorological Library and Archive and Coventry History Centre, alongside new works by contemporary artist, Jayne Wilton, linked to the ‘Life of Breath’ project, University of Durham-Wellcome Trust. The exhibition is part of a larger Leverhulme Trust project, led by Dr Sciampacone, featuring a conference, 'Cultural Histories of Air and Illness' which was held at the University of Warwick (8–9 June 2018), and a workshop in collaboration with Coventry University (Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Visual Arts Research).

Lanchester Research Gallery, Graham Sutherland Building, Coventry University. Ends 29th June 2018.

Art Air and Illness exhibition 2018Art Air and Illness exhibition 2018Art Air and Illness exhibition 2018

Thu 28 Jun 2018, 14:52 | Tags: Exhibitions, Research, General