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My publications include:


Basil Spence: Buildings and Projects, ed. L.Campbell, M.Glendinning and J.Thomas (RIBA, 2012)

Coventry Cathedral: art and architecture in Post-war Britain (Clarendon Studies in the History of Art, no.16, Oxford University Press, 1996).

Twentieth-century architecture and its histories, ed. Louise Campbell (millennial volume of essays published by the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, 2000).

Chapters in books:

“Shaping the sacred: Spence as church-builder” in Basil Spence Architect (National Galleries of Scotland, 2007), pp.63-76

“ ‘Building a new map of learning’: Spence and the University of Sussex” in Basil Spence Architect (National Galleries of Scotland, 2007), pp.97-104.

“Paper Dream City/Modern Monument: Donald Gibson and Coventry”, in The Man-Made Future: Planning, Education and Design in the mid-Twentieth Century, ed. Iain Boyd Whyte (Routledge, 2007).

"Questions of identity: women, architecture and the Aesthetic Movement", in Women's Places: architecture and design 1860-1960, ed. Brenda Martin and Penny Sparke, (Routledge, 2003), pp. 1-21.

“The Phoenix and the city: war, peace and architecture”, in Phoenix: Architecture/Art/Regeneration, ed. Richard MacCormac and Vivien Lovell (London, Black Dog Publishing, 2004).

" ‘A curious heritage': Humanism, Modernism and Rome Scholars in Architecture in the 1920s and 1930s", in Lutyens Abroad: the work of Sir Edwin Lutyens outside the British Isles, ed. Andrew Hopkins and Gavin Stamp (London, British School at Rome, 2002), pp. 87-100.

"Decoration, display, disguise: Leighton House re-considered", in Frederic Leighton: Antiquity.Renaissance.Modernity, ed. Elizabeth Prettejohn and Tim Barringer (Paul Mellon Centre Studies in British Art, no.5, Yale University Press, 1999), pp. 267-293.


“Building on the Backs: Basil Spence, Queens’ College Cambridge, and University architecture at mid-century”, Architectural History, vol. 54 (2011), pp. 383-405.

“Constructivism and contexualism in a modern country house: the design of Brackenfell (Leslie Martin and Sadie Speight, 1937-8)”, Architectural History, vol. 50 (2006), pp. 247-266.

"Perret and his artist-clients: Architecture in the age of gold", Architectural History, vol. 45 (2002), pp. 409-40.

"Against the grain: the domestic architecture of Robert Harvey", Twentieth Century Architecture, vol 4 (2001), pp. 52-60.

"The studios of Augustus John", British Art Journal, vol II, no.3 (Spring/Summer 2001), pp. 54-62.

"Patrons of the Modern House" in The Modem House Revisited: special issue of Twentieth Century Architecture, vol. 2 (1996), pp. 42-50.

“Towards a new cathedral: the Coventry Cathedral competition, 1950-51”, Architectural History, vol.35 (1992), pp. 208-224.

"The young Basil Spence", Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects, vol. l00, no.4 (Apri1 1993), pp. 32-35.

“A Gropius house in Chelsea”, Proceedings of the Second International DOCOMOMO conference, Dessau, Germany 1992 , pp. 270-72

“A call to order: the Rome prize and early twentieth-century British architecture”, Architectural History, vol.32 (1989), pp. 131-151.

“A model patron: Bassett-Lowke, Mackintosh and Behrens”, Journal of the Decorative Arts Society, no.10 (1987), pp. 1-9.

“The Modern Architectural Research Group 1933-39”, RIBA Transactions, 8, vol.iv, no.2 (1984-5), pp. 68-79.

Exhibition catalogues:

To Build a Cathedral (Mead Gallery, University of Warwick, 1987).

Papers and lectures:

‘From Coventry to Canterbury: raids, ruins, politics, pilgrims’, Keynote Lecture, Sacred Space in Modern Britain conference organised by Twentieth Century Society/Docomomo/SAHGB, London, November 2013.

‘Winifred Nicholson: modernism, craft, place’, paper for conference on Women, craft and Folk Art, Compton Verney, September 2013.

‘Gropius in Church Street: a comedy of errors in Chelsea’, paper for Stylistic Dead Ends conference, St Johns College Oxford, June 2013.

‘Reputations reassessed: Sir Basil Spence’, lecture for Twentieth Century Society, March 2013.

‘Towards a new cathedral: Basil Spence and Coventry Cathedral’, Annual Stephen Dykes Bower Memorial Lecture, Ecclesiological Society, London, December 2012.

‘Spence, Sussex and the Sixties’, 50th anniversary lecture, University of Sussex, May 2012.

‘Basil Spence at Coventry Cathedral’, lecture for World Monuments Fund/Twentieth Century Society study day, Victoria & Albert Museum, April 2012.

‘Basil Spence: an architect and his time’, lecture at Compton Verney, December 2011.

‘Bullying Basil Spence: inventing a university in the sixties’, paper for University of Sussex, November 2010.

‘The phoenix, the pharoah and the precinct’, lecture for the Herbert, Coventry, March 2010.

‘Studios de luxe: studio-building in Paris in the 1920s’, paper for conference on The Artist’s Studio at Compton Verney gallery, November 2009.

‘The architect and his practice: Spence at Sussex’, paper at Basil Spence re- viewed: the architect and his office conference, Coventry, August 2008.

‘With rhetoric: Basil Spence and modern architecture at mid-century’, paper for Cambridge School of Architecture, March 2008.

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