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Setting the Scene: The Architectural Imagination of Renaissance Artists

ImageWarwick in London
Stanley Building
7 Pancras Square

24 May 2019


"Setting the Scene: the Architectural Imagination of Renaissance Artists” is a workshop exploring the representation of architecture in European painting between the fifteenth and the sixteenth centuries. Focussing on Italy and the Netherlands, its aim is to analyse the roles of architecture in narrative scenes through a series of case studies presented by established scholars, curators and early career researchers. Extended discussions after the papers will enable participants to probe in depth this emerging research topic, furthering our understanding of the architectural knowledge of artists, highlighting the inventiveness of their architectural solutions, and exploring the interplay between setting and narrative.


10.00-10.30 Registration with tea and coffee

10.30-10.40 Welcome

Session I
Invention, Antiquity and Ornament
Chair: Lorenzo Pericolo

10.40 – 11.05 Livia Lupi, “Travelling Architecture: Structural and Ornamental Innovation in Masolino’s and Vecchietta’s Work at Castiglione Olona”

11.10 – 11.35 Caroline Elam, “Inventing the Credible: Mantegna and Painted Architecture”

11.35 – 12.00 Caroline Campbell, “Architecture and Place-Setting in the Work of Giovanni and Gentile Bellini”

12.00 – 12.30 Discussion

12.30 – 14.00 Lunch Break (lunch offered to speakers and chairs)

Session II
Framing the Cityscape
Chair: Edward Wouk

14.05 – 14.30 Niko Munz, “Architectural Ventriloquism in Pre-Eyckian Panel Painting”

14.35 – 15.00 Katrien Lichtert, “ ‘All the World’s a Stage.’ Staging Practices in the Work of Pieter Bruegel the Elder”

15.05 – 15.30 Johannes Grave, “Nested Architectures. Painting, Urban Architecture and Furniture in the Berlin Ideal City Panel”

15.30 – 16.00 Discussion

16.00 – 16.20 Tea Break

16.20 – 17.00 Final Discussion and Concluding Remarks

Contact Dr Livia Lupi (Research Fellow, History of Art, University of Warwick) for more information.