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Dr Clive Fenton

Dr Clive B Fenton is an architectural historian with special interests in 20th century architecture and planning and Scottish architecture. He is currently based at the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland, in Edinburgh as Research Fellow for the AHRC project ‘The Life and Work of Sir Basil Spence’.

He was formerly Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, for the AHRB-funded project ‘Rebuilding the City: the Percy Johnson-Marshall Collection’ (2001-4), and has taught at the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art.

Publications include:

  • ‘Frank Mears and the Collegiate Mile’ Edinburgh Architecture Research Vol. 24-25 (CD and Edinburgh 1998
  • ‘Edinburgh University and the Monumental Tradition’ Edinburgh Architecture Research Vol.26 Edinburgh 1999
  • "Metaphysical Architecture" Edinburgh Architecture Research Vol. 27 Edinburgh 2000
  • ‘A Century of Change in George Square (1876-1976)’ Book of the Old Edinburgh Club N.S. vol 5. Edinburgh 2002.
  • ‘Crichton Street’ August 2005
  • ‘Plan: A Student Journal of Anxiety and Ambition’ in I.B.Whyte (ed.) The Man-made Future: Planning, Education and Design in the mid-20th Century. Routledge Forthcoming 2006

    Dr Fenton is Scottish Co-ordinator of DOCOMOMO (the international working party for documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods of the modern movement).


Contact Details

Email - clivefenton at yahoo dot co dot uk






 Clive Fenton