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David Rock


Interview with Miles Glendinning and Jane Thomas on 18 February 2004.

David Rock is an English architect who studied at the University of Durham between 1947 and 1952. It was at the end of his university education that Rock began working under Basil Spence, where he stayed until 1959; his final year was part-time as he had set up his own practice. During this interview with Miles Glendinning and Jane Thomas on 18 February 2004, Rock talks though his portfolio, discussing what life was like working under Spence. He describes in detail the processes the firm followed when undertaking projects such as Coventry Cathedral and the University of Nottingham. He also details the different techniques that were routine at the time, such as fully-coloured elevations and plans, and the various scales of drawing. The text comprises a detailed summary of the topics discussed by Rock, with key elements transcribed directly from the interview by Katherine Atkinson in March 2013.