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Postgraduate Research Students

Postgraduate Research

These students are currently undertaking postgraduate research in the History of Art Department. Follow the links for further details.

Matthew Bliss - PhD
Building the ‘property-owning democracy’: Speculative housebuilding in England, 1950-2000

Ellie Brown - PhD
Shopping Centres Post-War and Post-Covid

The economic and social importance of women in sixteenth century Venice through family portrait paintings
The Life and Career of French Art Dealer Georges Petit (1856-1920)
Renaissance Italy, Patronage and Gender
Couture & the Postcolonial Lens
Reviving the embroidery art of Chamba Rumal: An exploration of the relationship between verbal and visual narration

Thinking of Glass Through Its Materiality: A Critical Examination of the Centrality of Glass in the Duchampian Legacy in Post-1915 Artistic Practice

Living Roots: Art Brut Within and Without the Western Art World, 1930-1988
Titian's Death of Actaeon and its Twentieth Century Revaluation in Britain
The Communication of Cosmological Images between China and Europe in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Domesticated Paintings: The Role of Fine Art in Swedish Interiors 1880-1910
Perception of Colours of Light in Contemporary Art: Olafur Eliasson as a Case Study

Haoyang Lin - PhD

Representing China in Italy: From Marco Polo to the First Jesuit Missions

Religious buildings in Zamora, 11th-13th Centuries: building processes, forms and functions
New Collecting Narratives: Birmingham Museums' Italian Renaissance and Baroque Decorative Arts Collecti
Mark Scott - PhD (with Theatre Studies)
Theatre Building Design
Theory, practice and culture of disegno in the Carracci’s reform of the arts, 1582-1619
Leon Underwood and the Brook Green Art School
From Empire to Commonwealth: Britain at the Venice Biennale, 1948 – present
Interpreting Tom Wesselmann's Nudes: Pop, Prurience and Pragmatism in 1960s New York
Francesco Conz: the “Collector of Artists”
Truth be Carved: A comparative study of medieval roof bosses in the parish church 1330-1520
Fashioning Victoria: Curating the Royal Image for Dynasty, Nation and Empire
Shame and Visual Art
For information about completed theses please go to Student Theses - Completed.


Completed Student Theses:

For information about completed theses, please go to: Student Theses - Completed.

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