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HA214: Art and Architecture in Britain 1840-1930

HA 214


This is not a comprehensive list, but a guide to books, articles and exhibition catalogues which provide useful perspectives and contexts for studying the art and architecture of the period. For seminars, and especially for essay preparation, you will need to supplement these with more specialised books: monographs on the work of individual artists and architects, catalogues raisonnés etc. You will find references to these in the bibliographies of the works listed below.

* = particularly recommended

1. General

* Beckett, J & Cherry (eds.) The Edwardian Era (Barbican Art Gallery Exhib.Cat. 1987)
* Bendiner, K An Introduction to Victorian Painting (1975)
  Chadwick, W Women, Art and society (1990)
* Cherry, D Painting Women (1993)
  Corbett, D P & Perry, L (eds) English Art 1860-1914: modernities & identities (2000)
* Crook, J Mordaunt The dilemma of style: architectural ideas from the picturesque to the post-modern (1987)
  Farr, D English Art 1870-1940 (1978)
  Ford, B ed The Cambridge Guide to the Arts in Britain. Volume 8: The Edwardian Age and the Inter-War Years 1989
* Gillett,P The Victorian Painter's World (1990)
* Harrison, C English Art & Modernism (1981)
  Lubbock The Tyranny of Taste: the politics of art and design in Britain 1550-1960 (1995)
* McLeod, R Style and society: architectural ideology in Britain 1835-1914 (1975)
  Muthesius, S & Dixon, R Victorian Architecture (1989)
  Saler, M The Avant-garde in inter-war England
* Tickner, L Modern Life and Modern subjects (2000)
* Tillyard, S K The Impact of Modernism 1900-1920. Early modernism & The Arts and Crafts Movement in Edwardian England (1988)
  Treuherz, J Hard Times: social realism in Victorian art (1987)

British Art in the Twentieth Century: The Modern Movement Royal Academy ex. cat. (1987)

2. Pugin and the Gothic revival

* Pugin, AWN Contrasts (1836, 1841, reprinted)
* Stanton, P Pugin (1971)
  Stanton, P 'Sources of Pugin's Contrasts' in Concerning Architecture ed. J Summerson (1968)
* Wainwright, C & Atterbury, P (eds) Pugin: a Gothic passion (1994)

3. Pre-Raphaelitism

  Cooper, R 'The relationship between the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and painters before Raphael in English criticism of 1840s and 50s' Victorian Studies Summer 1981
* Fraser, H The Victorians and Renaissance Italy (1992)
  Harding, E Re-framing the Pre-Raphaelites (1995)
  Marsh, J & Nunn, PG Pre-Raphaelite Women Artists
* Parris, L Pre-Raphaelite Papers Tate Gallery (1984)
* Parris, L (ed) The Pre-Raphaelites Tate Gallery ex. cat. (1984)
* Pointon, M (ed) Pre-Raphaelites reviewed (1989)
  Prettejohn, E The Pre Raphaelites (Tate Gallery, 2000)
  Ruskin, J Pre-Raphaelitism 1851, (repr. in vol 12 of The Works of John Ruskin ed. E.T. Cooke and A Wedderburn)
  Staley, A The Pre-Raphaelite Landscape (1975)

4. History painting

  Bell Scott W Autobiographical notes 1870-1882 (1892 repr. 1970)
  Strong, R And when did you last see your father? (1976)
  Mancoff, D The Arthurian Revival in Victorian Art (1990)
  Nunn, P.G. Problem pictures: men and women in Victorian painting (1995) esp.Chapter 5 'The domestication of history'
* Port, M (ed.) The Houses of Parliament (1976)
* Riding, C & J The Palace of Westminster: history, art, architecture (2000)
  Treuhertz, J 'Ford Madox Brown and the Manchester Murals' in J Archer (ed.) Art and Architecture in Victorian Manchester (1985)

Daniel Maclise 1806-1870, Nat. Portrait Gall. Ex. Cat. (Arts Council 1972)

'And when did you last see your father?' eds: E. Morris, F. Milner, Liverpool Walker Art Gallery ex. cat. (1993)

5. Gothic architecture and modern times

  Blau, E Ruskinian Gothic: the architecture of Deane & Woodward 1845 - 1861 (1982)
  Blundell-Jones, P 'The Red House', Architects' Journal,15 Jan 1986
* Brooks M John Ruskin & Victorian Architecture (1989)
* Brooks, C Signs for the times: symbolic realism in the mid-Victorian world (1984)
  Crook, J. Mordaunt William Burges and the High Victorian Dream
  Curl, JS Victorian Churches (1995)
  van Eck, C The organic tradition in 19th century architecture
  Hollamby, E The Red House (1990)
* Port, M (ed) The Houses of Parliament (1976)
  Thompson, P William Butterfield (1971)
  Garnham, Trevor The Oxford Museum: Deane and Woodward (1992)

6. Modern Life Painting

  Arscott, C 'Employer, husband, spectator: Thomas Fairbairn's commission of The Awakening Conscience in Janet Wolff and John Seed, (eds), The Culture of Capital: Art, Power, and the Nineteenth-Century Middle Class (1988) pp 159-86
  Arscott, C 'Ramsgate Sands, Modern Life and the Shoring-Up of Narrative' in Towards a Modern Art World, ed. B Allen
  Casteras, S The Substance and the shadow: images of Victorian womanhood (1982)
  Cowling, M 'The artist as anthropologist', Art History Vol. 6 No. 4 December 1983.
  Cowling, M The artist as anthropologist: the representation of type and character in Victorian art (1989)
  Curtis, G 'Ford Madox Brown's Work: an iconographic analysis', Art Bulletin Dec. 1992, Vol LXXIV, No.4
  Edelstein, T 'Augustus Egg's Triptych' Burlington Magazine April 1983 pp 202-10.
  Edelstein, T 'The Song of the Shirt: the visual iconology of the seamstress', Victorian Studies (1980) vol. xxiii pp 183-210
  Flint, K 'Reading The Awakening Conscience Rightly', in The Pre-Raphaelites Re-Viewed, ed. Marcia Pointon (1989), pp 45-65
* Grieve, A The Art of D.G.Rossetti (1) 'Found'; (2): The Pre-Raphaelite Modern Subject (1973)
  Nead, L 'The Magdalene in modern times: the mythology of the fallen woman in Pre-Raphaelite painting' in Looking On ed: R Betterton (1987)
* Nead, L Myths of sexuality: Representations of women in Victorian Britain (1988)
  Nead L Victorian Babylon: people, streets and images in 19th-century London (2000)
  Nead, L 'Seduction, Prostitution, Suicide: On the Brink by Alfred Elmore', Art History Vol. 1, No. 3 (1978)
* Nochlin, L 'Lost & Found: once more the fallen woman', Art Bulletin Vol. 60, March 1978 (repr in Feminism & Art History ed. Broude & Garrard).
  Pointon, M 'The Representation of Time in Painting: a study of William Dyce's Pegwell Bay', Art History Vol. 1, No. 3 (1978)
  Spencer, R 'Manet, Rossetti, London and Derby Day', Burlington Magazine, Vol. 83, April 1991
  Wilson E The Sphinx in the City: urban life, the control of disorder and women (1991)

Casteras, S & Parkinson R (eds) Richard Redgrave 1804-1888 V&A/Yale Ex. Cat. (1988)

Solomon: a family of painters Birmingham City Art Gallery ex. Cat. (1986)

7. Aestheticism and the Aesthetic Movement

  Asleson, R Albert Moore
  Aslin, E The Aesthetic Movement (1963)
  Freedman, J Professions of Taste: Henry James, British Aestheticism and Commodity Culture (1990)
  Jones, S 'Attic Values: Leighton & aesthetic philosophy', History Today 37 (1987) pp 31-37
  Macleod, D Sachko 'Art collecting & Victorian Middle Class Taste', Art History vol 10 (1987)
* Merrill, L A Pot of Paint: aesthetics on trial in Whistler vs. Ruskin (1992)
  Prettejohn, E 'Morality versus aesthetics in critical interpretation of Frederic Leighton, 1855-75', Burlington Magazine vol 138 (1996)
* Prettejohn, E (ed) After the Pre-Raphaelites (1999)
  Smith, A The Victorian Nude (1997)
  Soros, SW (ed) EW Godwin: architect and designer
* Spencer, R The Aesthetic Movement (1972)
  Spencer, R 'Whistler's The White Girl: painting, poetry and meaning', Burlington Magazine vol 140 1998
  Spencer, R 'Wapping', Gazette des Beaux-Arts
* Whistler, JM The Gentle Art of Making Enemies (1890)

From Realism to Symbolism: Whistler and his world (Philadelphia Museum of Art ex cat 1971)

*Victorian High Renaissance ex. cat. Minneapolis and Manchester (1978)

The Aesthetic Movement & the Cult of Japan Fine Art Soc. Exhib cat. (1972)

8. The Royal Academy and the art world

* Cardoso Denis, R & Trodd, C (eds) Art and the academy in the nineteenth century (2000)
  Casteras, S & Denney C (eds) The Grosvenor Gallery: a Palace of Art in Victorian England Yale Center for British Art, ex. cat. (1996)
* Gillett, P The Victorian painter's world (1990)
  Morgan, H.C 'The Lost opportunity of the Royal Academy: an assessment of its position in the 19th century', Journal of Courtauld and Warburg Institutes Vol. 23, 1969
  Treble, R Great Victorian Pictures - their paths to fame (Royal Academy exhib. Cat. 1978)
* Tayler, B Art for the Nation: exhibitions and their London public 1747 - 2001 (1999)

9. Newlyn and the representation of rural life

  Black, C Frederick Walker 1902
* Cherry, D Painting Women
  Deacon, B 'Imagining the Fishing: Artists and Fishermen in late 19th century Cornwall' Rural History vol 12 no 2 (Oct 2001)
* Fox, C & Greenacre, F Painting in Newlyn (Bristol ex. cat.)
  Gruetzner, A 'Two reactions to French painting in Britain' in Post-Impressionism (Royal Academy 1979-80 ex. cat.)
  Jacobs, M The Good & Simple Life: artist colonies in Europe and America, 1985
  Knoepflmacher, V C & Tennyson, G B Nature & the Victorian Imagination 1977 (esp. Section 2: 'The Taming of Space')
  Lübbren, N '"Toilers of the sea": Fisherfolk and the geographies of tourism in England 1880-1900' in D Peters Corbett, Y Holt and F Russell (eds) The Geography of Englishness: Landscape and the National Past in English Art 1880-1940 (2002)
* Marsh, J Back to the Land: the Pastoral Impulse in England 1880-1914 1982 P H Emerson & East Anglia Sainsbury Centre, 1985 Exhib.Cat.
  McConkey, K 'The Bougereau of the Naturalists: Bastien Lepage and British Art', Art History, vol 1, no. 3, September 1978
* McConkey, K British Impressionism
  McConkey, K 'Rustic naturalism in Britain' in The European Realist Traditioned. Gabriel Weisberg, 1982
  Mingay, G E The Victorian Countryside 2 vols, 1981
  Offer, A Property & Politics 1870-1914: Landownership, Law, Ideology and Urban Development in England 1981, (esp. Chapters 20,21)
  Rodee, H Scenes of rural and urban poverty in Victorian paintings and their development 1850-1890 Columbia, PhD, 1975
* Treuhertz, J Hard Times: social realism in Victorian art 1987

The New English Art Club: A Centenary Exhibition Christie, Manson & Wood, 1986

* Peasantries/Paysanneries: the image of the peasant in 19th century British & French art (ex. cat.)

A Painter's Harvest: H H La Thangue (Oldham Art Gallery, 1978

Clausen (, Bradford City Art Gallery)

A Passion for Work: H von Herkomer (Watford Art Gallery, 1982

Singing from the walls: the life & art of Elizabeth Forbes. (Penlee House Gallery, Penzance 2000)

10. The Arts & Crafts Movement

  Backemeyer,S & Gronberg,T W R Lethaby 1857-1931 Architecture, Design & Education
* Briggs, A (ed.) William Morris: selected writings and designs
* Callen, A Women in the arts and crafts movement
  Crawford, A C R Ashbee (for Guild of Handicraft)
  Crawford, A (ed.) By Hammer and Hand: the arts and crafts movement in Birmingham
* Harvey,C & Press, J William Morris: Design and Enterprise in Victorian Britain
  MacCarthy, F The Simple Life: C R Ashbee in the Cotswolds
* Naylor, G The Arts & Crafts Movement
  Rubens, G W R Lethaby: his life and work 1857 - 1931 (1986)
  Stansky, P William Morris, C R Ashbee and the Arts and Crafts movement
  Stansky, P Redesigning the World
  Thompson, P The Work of William Morris (1967)
* Tillyard, S K The Impact of Modernism 1900-1920. Early modernism & The Arts & Crafts Movement in Edwardian England (1988)

11. Edwardian Architecture and its legacy

  Beattie S A Revolution in London Housing: LCC Architects and their work 1893-1914 1980
  Crawford, A C R Mackintosh
  Creese, W The Search for Environment: the Garden City (1966)
  Crinson, M & Lubbock, J Architecture: profession or art?
  Darley, G Villages of Vision 1975
* Davey, P Arts & Crafts Architecture: Search for Earthly Paradise 1980
  Fellows, R Edwardian Architecture: design & technology (1995)
* Girouard, M Sweetness and Light: the 'Queen Anne movement' 1866-1900 (1977)
  Hitchmough, W Arts & Crafts homes and Arts & Crafts gardens 1999
* Howard, E Garden Cities of Tomorrow 1901, repr.
  Howarth, T C R Mackintosh & the Modern Movement 1977
  Jackson, F Sir Raymond Unwin 1985
  Kornwolf, J D M H Baillie-Scott & the Arts and Crafts Movement 1972
  Lethaby W R Philip Webb and his work
* Richardson, M Architects of the Arts & Crafts Movement 1983
  Saint, A Richard Norman Shaw
* Saint, A Image of the Architect Yale 1982
* Service, A Edwardian Architecture: A Handbook to Building Design in Britain T & H 1972
  Summerson, J Turn of the Century: Architecture in Britain around 1900 (Cargill Memorial Lecture, Glasgow Univ. 1976)
  Swenarton, M Artisans and Architects: the Ruskinian tradition in architectural thought (1989)
  Walker, L 'Heart of Empire/Glorious Garden' in The Edwardian Era ed. J Beckett & D Cherry

The Work of the English Architect Sir Edwin Lutyens (1869-1944) (Hayward Gallery Exhib.Cat. 1981)

12. Sickert and Camden Town

  Baron, W Sickert 1973
* Baron, W Perfect Moderns: The Camden Town Group 2000
  Baron, W & Shone, R Sickert: Painting London 1992
* Beckett,J Cherry, D eds The Edwardian Era Barbican Art Gallery 1987 ex. cat
  Corbett, D P 'Gross Material Facts: Sexuality, Identity and the City in Walter Sickert 1905-10' Art History, vol 2, no. 1, March 1998, pp45-64
  Flint, K ed. Impressionists in England: The Critical Reception 1984
  Lomax, J & Ormond, R John Singer Sargent and the Edwardian Age 1979
  McConkey, K British Impressionism
  Sickert, W R A Free House! Or The Artist as Craftsman ed. Sitwell, 1947
  Tillyard, S 'The end of Victorian art: W.R. Sickert and the defence of illustrative painting' in Towards a Modern Art World ed. B Allen (1995)

13. Bloomsbury and Modernism

  Anscombe, I Omega and After: Bloomsbury and the decorative Arts 1981
  Bell, C Art 1914
  Bullen, J (ed.) Post-Impressionists in Britain 1988
  Caws, M A Women of Bloomsbury 1990
  Collins, J The Omega Workshops 1983
  Dunlop, I The Shock of the New: Seven Historic Exhibitions of Modern Art 1972
  Fry, R Vision & Design 1920
  Green, C Art made Modern: Roger Fry's vision of art 2000
* Greutzner Robins, A Modern Art in Britain 1910-1914
  Reed, C 'A Room of One's Own': The Bloomsbury Group's creation of a modernist domesticity in Not at Home 1996
  Rosenblum, S P (ed.) The Bloomsbury Group 1975
* Shone, R (ed.) The Art of Bloomsbury (Tate Gallery 2000 ex. cat)
  Spalding, F Roger Fry 1980
  Spalding, F Vanessa Bell 1983
* Tickner, L Modern Life and Modern Subjects: British Art in the early 20th century 2000
* Tickner, L '"Men's work?" Masculinity and modernism' in Visual Cuture ed N Bryson, MA Holley, K Moxey (1994)
* Tillyard, S K The Impact of Modernism 1900-1920: Early Modernism and the Arts & Crafts Movement in Edwardian England 1988
  Turnbaugh, D B Duncan Grant and the Bloomsbury Group Secaucus, N J 1987
  Watney, S English Post-Impressionism 1980
  Watney, S The Art of Duncan Grant London 1990
  Watney, S 'The Conoisseur as Gourmet: The Aesthetics of Roger Fry and Clive Bell', Formations of Pleasure 1983
  Woolf, V A Room of One's Own 1920

14. Vorticism and Futurism

  Apollonio, U (ed.) Futurist Manifestos 1973
  Beckett, J & Cherry D 'Modern women, modern spaces: women, metropolitan culture and Vorticism' in Women artists and modernism ed K Deepwell (1998)
  Cork, R Vorticism and Abstract Art in the First Machine Age 2 vols 1975
  Cork, R David Bomberg 1988
  Edwards, P Wyndham Lewis: Art and War 1992
* Edwards, P (ed.) Blast! Vorticism 1914-18, 2000
  Jameson, F Fables of Aggression: Wyndham Lewis, the modernist as fascist 1979
  Lewis, W Tarr 1915
  Lewis, W (ed.) Blast! Nos. 1 & 2, June 1914 and July 1915
  Lipke, W C 'The Omega Workshops and Vorticism', Apollo March 1970
  Martin M W Futurist Art and Theory 1909-1915, 1978
  Meyers, J The Enemy: a biography of Wyndham Lewis 1980
  Parker, V 'Enemies of the Absolute: Lewis, Art and Women', in ed J Meyer, Wyndham Lewis: A Revaluation 1980
  Peters Corbett, D 'Radical modernism 1914-18' in The Modernity of English Art 1914-30 (1997)
  Tarratt, M 'Puce Monster': The two issues of Blast! And their effects as Vorticist propaganda', Studio International April 1967
  Pound's Artists: Ezra Pound and the visual arts in London, Paris and Italy Tate Gallery 1985
  Dynamism: the art of modern life before the great war Tate Gallery, Liverpool ex. cat. 1991
  Tickner, L The Spectacle of Women: Imagery of the Suffragette Campaign 1907-1914, 1987
  Tisdall, C Futurism 1977

* Vorticism and its Allies 1975 Hayward Gallery ex. cat

15. World War One

  Beckett, J & Cherry D '(Is)land narratives: Englishness, visuality and vanguard culture' in English Art 1860-1914 ed D Peters Corbett and L Perry
  Carline, R Stanley Spencer at War 1978
  Cork, R A Bitter Truth: avant-garde art and the great war (1994)
* Ferguson, J The Arts in Britain in World War One 1980
* Fussell, P The Great War and Modern Memory 1977
* Harries, S & M The War Artists 1983
  Hynes, S A War Imagined: the First World War and English Culture 1992

16. Sculpture

  Beattie, S The New Sculpture 1983
  Cole, R Burning to Speak: The Life and Art of Henri Gaudier-Brzeska Oxford 1978
* Cork, R Art Beyond the Gallery
  Cork, R 'Singing the Body Electric: Jacob Epstein & Charles Holden: a Whitmanesque Collaboration in the Strand', AA Files 8, 1985
  Ede, H S Savage Messiah 1931
* Elsen, A Origins of Modern Sculpture: Pioneers and premises London 1974
  Epstein, J Let There Be Sculpture: an autobiography London 1940
* Friedman, T The Hyde Park Atrocity: Epstein's Rima, creation and controversy 1988
  Friedman, T et al The Alliance of Sculpture and Architecture: H Thornycroft, J Belcher and the Institute of Chartered Accountants Building 1993
  Gardner, S T Epstein: Artist Against the Establishment 1992
  Gill, E Autobiography London 1989
  MacCarthy, F Eric Gill London 1989
* Nairne, S & Serota, N British Sculpture in the 20th Century 1981
  Silber, E The Sculpture of Epstein Oxford 1986
* Silber, E & Friedman, T et al Jacob Epstein: sculpture and drawings (Henry Moore Centre ex cat 1987)
  Wilkinson, A G Gauguin to Moore: Primitivism in Modern Sculpture Toronto 1982

Eric Gill: Sculpture Barbican Art Gallery 1992