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Spring Non-assessed essays

HA229: The Art of Byzantium, 843-1261

Non-assessed essays Spring term 2003

Essay Titles:

  • The mosaics of Daphni represent the dissolution of the middle Byzantine system. Discuss.
  • Why and what did Constantine IX Monomachos 'invest' in Nea Moni?
  • Using the slides in the slide library, analyse the programme of wall paintings in Karanlık Kilise (an eleventh-century church) in Cappadocia and discuss whether they conform to Demus' ideal of a middle Byzantine church?*

* Some information about the church is in Epstein, Art of Empire [chapter on Cappadocia], but essentially look at the images and groundplan which I have placed in a hanger in the slide library, and base your conclusions on those.

  • Why were Zoe and Christ's heads changed in the Zoe panel?
  • What can we learn about death from the Pantokrator Monastery?

Write on one of the above a timed one-hour essay OR a 1,500 word essay to be submitted to me by noon on Friday of week 17 [20 February].

If you write the timed essay, you must also:

- give me your a draft plan of the essay as a cover sheet

- write how long you spent on the essay

- say whether you wrote it blind, or with your notes.