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Summer Examinations: 2000/2001


Time allowed: 3 hours.

Candidates must answer THREE questions.

Read carefully the instructions on the answer book and make sure that the particulars required are entered on each answer book.

1. Was San Marco more a political manifesto than a church?

2. To what extent were the Mendicant Orders the pioneers of Gothic architecture in Venice in the 14th century?

3. Was function more significant than fashion in determining the design of Venetian Renaissance churches?

4. The architecture of Venice 'drew its strength from the diversity of its constituent parts' (P.F. Brown, Venice and Antiquity). Discuss.

5. How significant were Venice's trading links to the development of its art and architecture?

6. How did the persistence of the chronicle as the preferred form of Venetian history writing affect Venetian art in the late Quattrocento and the Cinquecento?

7. What innovations did Antonello da Messina and Giovanni Bellini bring to the Venetian altarpiece?

8. What was at stake for the Venetian artist in the disegno/colorito debate?

9. Did Venetian art experience a Mannerist phase?

10. How did the Venetian expansion onto the Terraferma affect their art-making?

11. Discuss the prototypes for the Venetian devotional image and how they influenced its development.

12. How much influence did artistic production in Padua have on Venetian art?