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Summer Examinations: 2001/2002


Time allowed: 3 hours

Candidates must answer ALL questions in PART 1.

In PART 2, candidates must answer TWO questions, each of which must be chosen from a different section.

Part 1 counts for one-third of the total marks and Part 2 for two-thirds: candidates are advised to spread their time accordingly between the sections.

In Part 1, refer to each image by the letter on the back of the photograph/photocopy.

Read carefully the instructions on the answer book and make sure that the particulars required are entered on each answer book.

Photographs and photocopies MUST NOT be defaced or removed from the examinations room.


A. Describe what has been done, and what remains to be done to this manuscript illumination.

B. Identify and analyse this cathedral elevation.

C. Describe the materials and techniques of this mosaic.

D. How do you explain the appearance of this painting of the Madonna and Child?

E. Describe and explain the sculptural techniques shown in this relief.

F. What techniques does the artist employ to achieve his effects in this



Section A: Classical Mythology

1. What are the possible relationships between divine and human characters in mythological painting and how are they represented?

2. Discuss the significance of Classical heroic epics as sources for mythological paintings

Section B: Christian Iconography

3. What devices did artists use to dramatise their depictions of Christ?

4. "What Scripture is to the educated pictures are to the ignorant." (Pope Gregory the Great (590 - 604)). Discuss.

Section C: Media and Meanings

5. What was the significance of British watercolour's development from a graphic

into a painting medium?

6. Has the material nature of oil painting raised ethical issues?

Section D: Introduction to Mediaeval Architecture

7. Why was the rib vault so widely adopted?

8. How does liturgy affect the ground plan?




                      UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK

                      Summer Examinations: 2001/2002

                      MAKING AND MEANING

                      A. Manuscript leaf from Douce Apocalypse c. 1270 (Ms. Douce 180 Bodleian Library).

                      B. Chartres cathedral nave elevation designed c. 1194.

                      C. Empress Theodora San Vitale, Ravenna 547 AD.

                      D. Cima da Conegliano : incomplete Madonna and Child.c.1490.

                      E. Andrea Pisano, The Sculptor at work. Campanile Relief. c. 1330.

                      F. Gainsborough; A country churchyard :1779/80 soft ground etching (1779/1780).