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Centre for Cultural Policy Studies Doctoral Scholarship

General Information

The Centre welcomes applications for all areas of PhD research. However, for the period 2014-17 we are particularly interested in projects in the area of culture and development – the arts, creative industries and heritage in either international development, or other forms of development. The Centre launched a new MA programme in Arts, Enterprise and Development in October 2014. If your application is successful and your research field is relevant to this MA programme, there are opportunities for you to develop your teaching and administrative skills in this area.

Our approach to ‘culture and development’ focuses on the stimulation of indigenous cultural production as well as the arts and new creative enterprises (design, media, communications, fashion, music, etc.), as part of sustainable economic and social development. This reflects recent recent policy developments by UNCTAD, UNESCO and the EU and can encompass the following topics:

  • The role of culture in international development policy, strategy and internationally funded projects.
  • The arts, cultural enterprises and organisations, and their role in development (human, social, urban and economic).
  • The cultural politics of globalization and their impact on international development.
  • Sustainable culture, community and local economy.
  • The creation, management and organisation of the arts, cultural enterprises or creative industries in development contexts.
  • Cultural policy (rural, regional or urban) in international development.
  • The role of artists, cultural leaders and entrepreneurs in cultural development.
  • Community arts, participation and citizenship.
  • Heritage and identity.

These areas are not exhaustive of this broad field. Moreover, our interest in this area should not deter an application from any other field of research. Our aim is to attract excellent PhD students to the Centre, and every application will be afforded equal consideration.

Scholarship Conditions

  1. The Centre for Cultural Policy Studies will offer one doctoral scholarship in 2014-2015. The scholarship scheme is open to both EU and Overseas candidates.
  2. The scholarship will be known as the 'CCPS Doctoral Scholarship'.
  3. The value of the scholarship will be around £18,000 per year. The precise amount will be confirmed at the time of the offer.
  4. To be eligible for the scholarship, candidates must have received an unconditional offer for entry on to CCPS MPhil/PhD programme by January 31st 2014.
  5. For further information on how to apply for entry on to the CCPS MPhil/PhD programme, please click here.
  6. All candidates who meet the criteria in 4 above will automatically be considered for the CCPS scholarship, on the basis of the information submitted to the University as part of their application and in the light of the recommendation from the candidate’s proposed supervisor.
  7. The scholarship will be awarded on the recommendation of the CCPS Doctoral Scholarship Committee (DSC), on the basis of the following factors: (a) The candidate’s academic track record; (b) The quality of the candidate’s application for entry to the University; (c) Letter of recommendation from the candidate’s proposed supervisor; (d) Priority research areas announced by CCPS in the scholarship general information.
  8. The successful candidate will be notified before the end of February 2014. Unsuccessful candidates will not be notified.
  9. The successful candidate must inform the Centre Director immediately if s/he has been awarded any other scholarship. If the combined value of the awards made is deemed by the DSC to exceed reasonable norms, then the DSC reserves the right to reduce or withdraw the CCPS scholarship.
  10. The DSC reserves the right not to award the scholarship.