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A Selective List of Past Major Projects

Daniel Akers: Dancing on Adorno’s Grave – Evaluating the UK dance music industry’s position as an alternative to the mainstream

Maria Antonopoulou: The Evolution of Marketing Communications and the emergence of the 'new breed' or communications planning

Nick Argyris: Developing an online marketing strategy and website for Ikaros Publishing

Stacey Arnold: Can we support a transcendent notion of artistic value?

Ahmad Ayyub: Enforcing Copyright Law in Lebanon: an economic perspective

Panagiotis Bakolas: Television Format Adaptation and Media System: A Greek Case Study

Ran Chen: Confucian Values and Consumer Behaviour in Contemporary China: with particular reference to luxury brand products

Emma Chetcuti: The Necessity of a Feminist Aesthetic?

Claudia Chibici-Revneanu: "God, why do I have to be a writer?" An investigation into the concept of artistic vocation

Hye-Rim Cho: Will the Spread of the Internet and the Related Technologies Harm Secondary Marketing in the Record Industry?

Jacqueline Chong: Conglomeration and Bargaining Power in Publisher - Bookseller Relationships: The UK Trade Book Publishing Industry 2005 - 2006

Priyanka Chowdhury: Cultural Commerce: Publishing in Contemporary India

Hsiao-Ling Chung: An examination of flexible specialisation in the British Film Industry 1980 - 2000: theory and practice

Simon Cronshaw: The Fate of Ideas: Implementation in the Creative Industries

Marcus Dill: Mapping the Future – a Business Plan

Fei Ding: Strategies in Creative SMEs: from planning strategy to strategy-based planning

Elena Doganis: Heritage and the Spoils of History in an Age of War and Cultural Imperialism: A discussion about the relationship between cultural property and cultural identity

Gonzalo Enriquez-Soltero: Charging the windmills: An investigative memoir about writing and getting across my first novel

Gabrielle Ferdinand: Mickey's Culture Machine: A study of The Walt Disney Company's Animated films and their relationships with culture

Matt Hardisty: Combated Folkdevils on Planet-e - traversing the off to the online': A critical examination of marketing 'independent' creativity in the multimedia economy

Francesca Husbands:

Hui Jing: “Open Sesame”: An Exploratory Study on the Approach and Limiting Factors of Hollywood Studios to Establish Themselves in the Chinese Market Since 1990s

Toshiko Kakuda: Revitalising the Japanese Film Industry: an evaluation of film commissions

Dorota Kawecka:

Ju-Young Kim: The Screen Quota System: a Barrier or a Shield in the Age of Globalisation? - focusing on the Korean film industry

Josh Layton: Friendly competition? Dyke's BBC in the Approach to Charter Renewal

Ying Lei: Opening the Besieged City: Globalisation and localisation in the Chinese television industry

Tracey Leino: The Feminization of Cultural Work: A Historical Look at American Women’s Journey in Creative Careers, 1848 - 2003

Wing Yan Li: 'CINEMA! It's the Experience that Counts!' The impact of technologies and new media on marketing in the UK Film Industry

Hsu-Ling Liao: An Investigation into the Structural Characteristics of the Videogame Industry

Chengrong Liu: The State, the Market and the Public Interest: how Public Service Broadcasting Evolves from the Dilemma

Anthony Lynch: The American Way: An examination of the effects and feasibility of the proposed shift towars a 'US style' model of arts funding for the subsidised British arts sector

Linda Marchant: The Price of Fame – The Relationship between Photography, Celebrity and Commodification

Mark McGuinness: Perceptions of Coaching in the UK Creative Industries

Ashish Mehra: Looking back for the future: will interactive television be the next big thing?

Aileen Morrison: Building a Gallery for the 21st Century

Thomas Morrod: How Uncertainty is Resolved in Box Office Choices

Eric Namour: Unfolding the EEM sphere – out/in-side the electronic and experimental music milieu

Rida-I-Zaineb Naqvi: Dealing with Copyright in the Developing Country: A Pakistani's Musician's account

Sojin Park: Cultural Conglomerates: focusing on vertical and horizontal integration of cultural conglomerates in the Korean creative and media industries

Michelle Raubenheimer:

Gareth Roberts: A New Deal for the Creative Industries? Examining the viability of the proposed development of the New Deal scheme as 'a stepping stone for cultural and creative careers'

Vishalakshi Roy: ‘Striking a Balance’: The Changing Face of Asian Programming in the UK

Anna Rozentale: How Stuff Becomes Cool: towards a pattern of emerging trends in the creative and media

Dipti Satwani: Tracing Transition: An Insight into the Cultural Complexity of Women's Magazines in India

Beyza Selcuk: How can the Video-On-Demand sector in the UKdevelop further?

Raja Sen: Attack of the rebel neck ties: a look at creative environments in advertising

Kathryn Slack: The Postmodern Economy - an Experience Economy: An Investigation into experience branding, its relation with postmodern theory and its potential as a marketing strategy for the new creative economy

Yu-Hsiu Su: Analyse and Explore Cooperative Strategies for Creative and Media Businesses

Lisa Telfer: 'Don't Believe the Hype': Investigating 'alternative' marketing techniques and notions of consumer power in the music industry

Fotis Valantassis-Kanellos: Public Relation: is it a crucial management tool or not? What is its correlation to business strategy? Case Study: Mega Channel, the Greek broadcasting agency

Paul Valentine: How do creative teams manage to reconcile divergent aspects into a collective identity?

Kirin Vas: Promoting Rock in India : A Topical Review

Konstantina Voulimenea: Independent Fashion Design, viability and integrity. The case of Viktor & Rolf

Xiaobo Wang: From Censorship to Classification – is it possible to apply film classification system in China?

Monica Wasiljew: Diffusion of mobile multimedia services: the use of market segmentation in marketing strategies of mobile phone operators

Natalie Yiaxi: The Crisis in One’s Head: Transcending the myth of the crisis in representation

Victoria Zankina: Yoga: a path to unlocking creativity?

Ranran Zheng: Thriving on complexity: on how culture produces the Birmingham Bhangra industry

Wei Zhou: Questioning China’s Creative Economy: On the Slanting of a Concept