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Creative Business Project

group meetingThis module is a Summer Applied Module (core) on the MA in Creative and Media Enterprises.

In this module you will have the opportunity to apply your learning from the course by participating in a specific project for a creative or media organisation. Working as a member of a small team you will deliver a strategic solution to a genuine issue or challenge faced by the company. Your project may relate to business planning and development, product design or marketing strategy. Working in association with colleagues from your client company, your team will put their ideas and learning into practice to meet the objectives of the brief.

The team will be assessed on their performance and final presentation to their 'client' company.

In addition, you will be encouraged to reflect on your own participation throughout the process to assist your professional development and deepen your understanding of the dynamics of creative work, teams and organisations through a process of reflective practice.

Companies that previous groups have conducted projects with include BBC WorldwideLink opens in a new window, GfK NOP MediaLink opens in a new window, Momentum Pictures Link opens in a new window, Warwick Arts Centre, the BBC Technology Direction team, Maverick TV, All3 Media International, and the Association of Independent MusicLink opens in a new window.

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