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Applied Communication Project

groupThis module is a Summer Applied Module (core) on the MA in Global Media and Communication.

Through sustained involvement in project work this module will allow you to apply the theoretical and intellectual skills developed during the course to the management of a 'real world' challenge. The module takes place in the summer term and so you will have opportunity to do fieldwork, interview professionals and explore the UK. The project involves media production through research , responding to the needs of a client to innovate and develop their understanding of a creative business problem. You will need to engage in creative group work, as well as remaining focused on the creative process - the ideas, the experience - and everything that makes a new media innovation exciting. In order to meet the brief you are give at the start of the module, you will need to re-think your studies on communication strategy, cross-cultural communication, lifestyle, taste and the social meanings that media products articulate. Your media research and creative production will be branded, and subject to a specific marketing strategy.

At the beginning of the module you will be briefed and given seminars on creative group work and project management. You will set up a small media production team, and schedule you own project. Your team will construct an extensive document on your strategic production. At the end of the module there will be a thorough de-brief and critical assessment of the management and productive organization of each group through their creative proposal and individually through the critical report.

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