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Film & TV Studies MOVIE: A Journal of Film Criticism

MOVIE: A Journal of Film Criticism

Movie issue 7 cover: Atlantics

In addition to our general call for articles and audiovisual essays, the journal is also inviting work for themed dossiers that respond to the following topics: (i) Audiovisual approaches and the archive; (ii) The politics of close analysis and its object; (iii) the work of V.F. Perkins. Learn more hereLink opens in a new window.

Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism is the successor to Movie, the print journal that was edited, designed and published by the late Ian A. Cameron from 1962 to 2000.

All rights in the original Movie are the property of Cameron & Hollis. Please see for more information and for details of back issue availability.

Issue 10

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The Lumet Touch
Gary Bettinson

Loneliness in the films of Aki Kaurismäki
Jaakko Seppälä

The uses of perplexity: A conversation with Robert B. Ray on the art of film, music and pedagogy
Trevor Mowchun


Student Essays

Approaching the Unapproachable: The Cinema of Mass Shootings & the Limits of Classical Form
Leo Kim


Audiovisual essays

Dance, Camera, Dance: Directorial Choreography in the Live Anthology Drama

Peter Labuza (author's statement)


The V. F. Perkins Dossier

Andrew Klevan

The Phantom Thread of Victor Perkins
Adrian Martin

The World of Film and World Particles in the Criticism of Victor Perkins
George Toles

Integrating Criticism into the Philosophy of Art: V. F. Perkins, Dead Poets Society, and 'Value Interaction'
Andrew Klevan

V.F. Perkins and Television
James Walters

Why did Film Studies ignore Perkins?
Robert B. Ray

Upstairs, Downstairs: Victor Perkins and Nicholas Ray's Domesticity
Murray Pomerance


Dossier: The Politics of Close Analysis, and its Object

Lucy Fife Donaldson and Lisa Purse

Eileen Rositzka, 1988-2021
Lisa Purse and Lucy Fife Donaldson

The spirits of African cinema: redemptive aesthetics in Mati Diop's Atlantics
Rosalind Galt

Tracing the threads of influence: George Hoyningen-Huene and Les Girls (1957)

Lucy Fife Donaldson (author's statement)

No compromise: Jan Němec's rough diamond
Anne Rutherford

Roundtable - Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism and the past, present, and future of film criticism
Lucy Fife Donaldson, John Gibbs, Lisa Purse, Doug Pye, Girish Shambu


This issue edited by Lucy Fife Donaldson and Lisa Purse, and designed by Adam Powell with Kate Stolyarova.

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ISSN 2047-1661