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Project Partners

African Theatre Association (AfTA)

AfTA is a forum for the exploration of African performance and theatre performance theory, practices and processes. It aims to serve as a bridge between African theatre practices and scholarship in Africa and the African Diaspora, by bringing academics and theatre-makers together.

Playwrights Guild of Canada Womens' Caucus

The Playwrights Guild of Canada Womens' Caucus are collaborating with us to access southern African playwrights for an artistic fellowship as part of the CASA Project

CASA is a collaboration between the Playwrights Guild of Canada Womens’ Caucus and AWPN to support and mentor women playwrights living in South Africa who have a demonstrated a commitment to playwriting financially, giving them both time and a place to write, while being mentored by a senior Canadian playwright and then having a South African director realise their work in a theatre in SA supporting this project, including Theatre Arts Admin Collective (Cape Town) and the Hillbrow Theatre (Johannesburg).

Theatre Arts Admin Collective

Theatre Arts Admin Directive, in Cape Town is a place where artists can create work, develop skills, perform, engage in dialogue and meet and work with other theatre practitioners who come from diverse backgrounds, whether cultural, social, economic or simply in skill and experience. They hosted the first symposium ever held for African Women Playwrights in Africa in 2017, the launch of Contemporary Plays in 2019, with further developmental workshops, and they are one of the theatre hosts for CASA fellowship playwrights.

The Mothertongue Project, Cape Town

The Mothertongue project is a collective of women artists, activists, academics and practitioners committed to personal and social transformation through participatory theatre and integrated arts methodologies. It facilitated key workshops at the AWPN 2017 symposium, shared a play created by the Langeberg Youth Arts Project; and it continues to support young people and women through the network.


E1M worked with AWPN to design and deliver a mobile app to create the virtual network form 2015-2018. They specialise in creating tools and services using mobile technology to reach people quickly, facilitate meaningful engagement and measure social change.