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African Women Playwrights Network

The African Women Playwrights Network is a research platform that takes the form of a virtual community of female creative practitioners living in Africa or from the African diaspora. Members are interested in connecting with one another, researchers and other interested parties, including potential audiences, directors, funders and artistic managers and programmers in all parts of the world to dialogue about their work.

Tell us

Artists - about your new ideas for creative engagements - dance, plays, community projects.

Theatre programmers - about opportunities for creative projects your organisation is offering. We hope to connect more artists and organisations.

Funders - opportunities for residencies, productions, etc.

Researchers - about CfPs and related projects you are working on.

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I think it’s important to have the AWPN for a continental connection, which I think is essential to our development as South African theatre makers. These things open perspectives, relationships, partnerships, collaborations and a greater understanding of our place in the continent.

- Caroline Calburn. Artistic Director of Theatre Arts Admin

I had cultivated the habit of writing little short poems and slams. But never found it important until I got into the AWPN, as it has given me so much courage. AWPN was a major break through. It has provided me with positive vibes and good exposure to other female writers.

- Sophia Mempuh, Cameroonian playwright

Above all they have managed to link us to other networks in the world, like the CASA awards from Canada, that have managed to link us again with other women in Europe. I didn’t know that my play would be produced in the United States, who would have ever dreamed of that.

- Thembelihe Moyo, Zimbabwean playwright

AWPN has benefitted me on so many levels. In terms of inspiration, I now have fresh inspiration seeing the work I sit alongside...We’re able to support each other’s work, people see what’s going on and find out what’s happening in each other’s lives. The network is also allowing a connection, not just with women and playwrights on the continent, but also in the diaspora...I’m not alone in my struggles, so many of the struggles that we have are common.

- JC Niala, Kenyan playwright