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Cultural Policy and the Value of Culture

While the theme of ‘Cultural Policy and the Value of Culture’ is especially pertinent to the research undertaken in the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies, there is evidence for these concerns in work produced by theatre and performance studies staff. Milija Gluhovic's work on the Eurovision song contest chimes with this theme, as does his new research on performance, religion and the public sphere. James Harding’s research into the ramifications of contemporary surveillance culture will crystallise into a monograph Theatres of Spies: Sanctioned Deception, Democratic Oversight, and Acts of Intelligence; while Janelle Reinelt is the PI for an AHRC Cultural Value project on theatre spectatorship.

Other emerging areas of research under this theme include:

  • ‘Sustainability and Waste’ instantiated by Susan Haedicke's research exploring the intersections of performing arts, biodiversity and local food production.
  • Nicolas Whybrow's work on urban art and sustainability.
  • Tim White's exploration of food cultures and the social, cultural and aesthetic provocations of the restaurant as a site of performance.