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Festival personnel

Adimari, Alessandro

  • 1579-1649
  • Role: Author, Writer
  • Festivals: Funeral of Francesco de'Medici, brother of Cosimo II de' Medici, Florence 1614
  • Festival Books: Esequie dell'ill[ustrissi]mp [et] ecc[ellentissi]mo principe don Francesco Medici
  • Academic who wrote on scientific and social improvement; Milton heard him read a moral sonnet in Florence, 1637 (see James D. Simmonds, Milton Studies, p.237.)
  • 'seventeenth century writer like Alessandro Adimari' 'love-sonnet on a lady recently buried' (see Robert F. Gleckner, Gerald E. Enscoe, Romanticism, p.83.)
Author, Writer, Funeral

Agrippa, Henricus Cornelius

  • 1486-1535
  • Role: Author
  • Festivals: Coronation of Charles V Holy Roman Emperor at Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) 1519
  • Festival Books: Caroli Quinti cum Hispaniarum tum duplicis Germaniae et Romanoru[m] Archiregis, utriusq[ue] [et] in Longobardorum regem, [et] in Romanorum Impertorem coronationis historia: per Henricu[m] Cornelium Agrippam, eiusde[m] sacratissimae Maiestatis ab Archiuis [et] consiliis inditiarium. (published Antwerp, 1530)
  • Imperial archivist and historiographer at the court of Margaret of Austria (1480-1530)
  • Lecture Declamations in Latin at University of Dôle, 1509
  • Publications: Declamations on the Nobility and Preminence of the Female Sex dedicated to Margaret Arch-Duchess of Austria and Regent of the Netherlands.
  • De Occulta Philosophia Libri Tres 1531

Author, Coronation

Alberti, Giovanni Matteo

  • Role: Author
  • Festivals: Visit to Venice of Ernst August, Duke of Braunschweig-Lüneberg, Venice 1685
  • Festival Books: Giuochi festiui, e militari, danze, serenate, machine, boscareccia artificiosa, regatta solenne, et altri sontuosi apprestamenti di allegrezza esposti alla sodisfattione uniuersale dalla generosità dell'A. S. d'Ernesto Augusto duca di Brunsuich (published Venice, 1686)
Author, Royal Visit

Allacci, Leone

  • aka Leo Allatius 
  • 1586-19th January 1669
  • Role: Author
  • Festivals: Journey of Lucrezia Barberini from Rome to Modena to marry Francesco I d'Este, Duke of Modena, 1654
  • Festival Books: Del viaggio della signora D. Lucretia Barberina duchessa di Modena da Roma a Modena, lettera di Leone Allacci. All'ill[ustrissimo] sig[nore] ... Marcantonio Spinola. (published Genoa, 1654)
  • Greek Catholic scholar and theologian, patronised by Pope Gregory XV.
  • Teacher of Greek at Collegio Greco in Rome.
  • 1661 Custodian to Vatican Library.
  • Publications: De Graecorum hodie quorundam opinationibicis 1645 methodical discussion on vampires.
  • Drammaturgia 1666 catalogue of Italian musical drama, early history of opera.
Author, Royal Progress

Allde, Edward

  • d. 1628
  • Role: Printer
  • Festivals: Visit of the Prince of Wales to Madrid to be betrothed to the Spanish Infanta, Madrid, 1623
  • Entry into London of James, King of England and Scotland, Anna, Princess of Denmark and Prince Henry Frederick, London 1603
  • Entry of Christian IV, King of Denmark into London, 1606
  • Festival Books: The Ioyfull Returne of the Most Illustrious Prince, Charles, Prince of great Brittaine, from the Court of Spaine. (published London, 1623)
  • The whole magnificent enterteinment: given to King James, Queene Anne his wife, and Henry Frederick the Prince; vpon the day of his Majesties tryumphant passage (from the tower) through his honorable citie (and chamber) of London, the 25, of March, 1603.  (published London, 1605)
  • The King of Denmarkes welcome: Containing his ariuall, abode, and entertainement, both in the Citie and other places.
  • Comes from a family of professional printers.
  • 1584 becomes a freeman in the Stationers Company 'by patrimony'.
  • Printer of key texts of orginal Shakespeare bibliography, including; part of first quatro of bad quatro of Romeo and Juliet 1597, third quatro of Titus Andronicus 1611.
  • Printed works by: Robert Chester, Matthew Lownes, Thomas Kyd, Christopher Marlowe, George Peele, Samuel Daniel, Thomas Dekker, Edward Sharpham, Thomas Middleton, John Mason, Philip Massinger.
  • After his death, his widow Elizabeth continued the business 1628-1633.  Both sign as E. A. or E. Alde, so it is possible to confuse their work.
Royal Visit, Printer, Betrothal, Royal Entry

Almansa y Mendoza, Andrés de

  • Role: Author
  • Festivals: Visit of the Prince of Wales to Madrid to be betrothed to the Spanish Infanta, Madrid 1623
  • Festival Books: The Ioyfull Returne of the Most Illustrious Prince, Charles, Prince of great Brittaine, from the Court of Spaine. (published London, 1623)
  • Spanish journalist, famous for writing letters on events.
Author, Royal Visit, Betrothal

Aneau, Barthélémy

  • 1510-1561
  • Role: Humanist
  • Festivals: Entry of Henri II and Catherine de'Medici into Lyons, September 1548
  • Festival Books: La magnificence de la superbe et triumphante entree de la noble [et] antique cité de Lyon faicte au treschrestien roy de France Henry deuxiesme de ce nom, et à la royne Catherine son espouse (published Lyons, 1549)
  • French poet and humanist.
  • 1542 principal of Collège de la Trinité in Lyons 1542.
  • Known for his work on emblems.
  • Killed in 1561 during riots near Collège, suspected of Protestantism.
  • Publications: Alector, ou le Coq Lyons, 1560, novel.
Royal Entry, Humanist

Angelieri, Giorgio

  • Role: Printer
  • Festivals: Celebration of the Victory at Lepanto in Venice at Carnival Time, Venice 1572
  • Entry of Henri III into Venice, Treviso, Ferrara and Mantua, Mantua, Ferrara, Venice 1574
  • Festival Books: Ordine, et dechiaratione di tutta la mascherata, fatta nella citta di Venetia la domenica di Carneuales. M. D. LXXI. Per la gloriosa vittoria contra Turchi. (published Venice, 1572)
  • Le attioni d'Arrigo terzo re di Francia, et quarto di Polonia, descritte in dialogo (published Venice, 1574)
  • Publisher and Printer active in Vincenza and Venice 1562-1604.
  • Particularly specialised in printing and publishing musical scores.
  • Published works by composers including: Jacques Arcadelt, Ciprianode Rore, Orlando di Lasso, Pier Luigi da Palestrina and Aurelio Rocky.
Printer, Royal Entry, Celebration

Arthus, Gotard

  • Role: Author
  • Festivals: Election and coronation in Frankfurt-am-Main of Matthias I (Matthias II, King of Hungary) as Holy Roman Emperor and of his wife Anne, Archduchess of Austria, Frankfurt-am-Main 1612
  • Festival Books: Electio et coronatio sereniss. potentiss. et invictiss. principis ... Matthiae I. electi rom. imperat. semper augusti etc. eiusq. sereniss. coniugis Annae Austriacae etc. (published Frankfurt-am-Main, 1612.)
Author, Coronation

Auratus, Iohannes

  •  aka Jean Dorat, Daurat
  • 1508-1588
  • Role: Author
  • Festivals: Ballet performed at the court of Catherine de'Medici on the occasion of Henri III's accession to the French throne, Paris 1573
  • Festival Books: Magnificentissimi spectaculi, a regina regum matre in hortis suburbanis editi, in Henrici regis Poloniae inuictissimi nuper renunciati gratulationem, Descriptio. (published Paris, 1753)
  • French humanist and Hellenist, and court poet.
  • One of the poets of the Pléiade and their mentor.
Author, Accession, Ballet

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