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PaRLab is a supportive community for Warwick practitioners and researchers engaged in various creative practice-based approaches in their work. Members have an opportunity to share exercises useful in their process, participate in/lead praxis-related discussions, show an excerpt from their practice, and exchange critical responses.

The vision of PaRLab is to be a testing ground for ideas and experiments in artistic practice, a space for play and reflection, and a forum to discuss and address concerns that face the production of creative research.

Peer-to-peer dialogue, reflective exchange and resource sharing is at the heart of the initiative. Bi-monthly PaRLab sessions aim to aid members in tuning their research questions, interrogating their method, framing research/theory in their creative practice, discussing the politics of their aesthetics, developing an approach to their positionality, as well as in addressing the ethical implications of their work during practice, documentation, dissemination and articulation.

Our members-led, self-selecting, cross-disciplinary group of researchers welcomes you!

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Please direct questions to
Carmen Wong, Carolyn Deby, mel varin or Nick Drofiak
Theatre & Performance Studies, School of Creative Arts, Performance & Visual Cultures