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Gendered Citizenship and Performance: Final Conference


Tuesday 5 Jan

10.00-11.15 Welcome: Nicolas Whybrow (Warwick)
Keynote 1:

Chair: Janelle Reinelt (Warwick)
Jenny Hughes (Univ. of Manchester) and Carran Waterfield (Triangle Theatre):

Sing for your Supper: Pauperism, Performance and Survival

11.30-1.00 Panel 1: Human Trafficking

Chair: Jim Davis (Warwick)
Janelle Reinelt (Univ. of Warwick): Is a Trafficked Woman a Citizen?

Sohini Chakraborty (Kolkata Sanved): Dance Movement Therapy and Psycho-social Rehabilitation: Model Sampoornata

Urmimala Sarkar (JNU): Putting Pieces Together: Mapping Recovery for Survivors of Sexual Violence
1.00-2.00 Lunch
2.00-3.30 Workshop 1: Cardboard Citizens Chair: Silvija Jestrovic (Warwick)

3.45-5.15 Panel 2: National Figures in Performance Chair: Samik Bandyopadhyay (JNU)
Anuradha Kapur (Ambedkar Univ.): Traversing the Site : 409 Ramkinkars
Elaine Aston (Univ. of Lancaster): ‘India Unmasked' - Anupama Chandrasekhar's Acid
Yvette Hutchison (Warwick): Aesthetics of Embodied Activism: Contemporary South African Women

5.15-6.30 Keynote 2: Chair: Bishnupriya Dutt (JNU)
Emma Cox (Royal Holloway) Irregularity: Performing Volitional Noncitizenship'.
6.30-8.00 Conference Dinner
8.00-10.30 Solo Performances:
Internal Terrains (Natasha Davis, Warwick)
The House (Carran Waterfield, Triangle Theatre)

Wednesday 6 Jan
9.00-10.15 Keynote 3: Chair: Mike Saward (Warwick)
Anupama Roy (JNU): 'Polyrhythms of Citizenship
10.30-12.00 Workshop 2: Ice and Fire Chair: Maggie Inchley (Queen Mary)

12.00-1.30 Panel 3: Citizens’ Encounters Chair: Aoife Monks (Queen Mary)
Maria Estrada-Fuentes (Univ. of Warwick): Towards an ethics of care: Creative approaches to Ex-combatants' Reintegration in Colombia
Silvija Jestrovic (Univ. of Warwick): Murderous Maid: Jean Genet’s The Maids and Domestic Migrants Workers in Saudi Arabia
Susan Haedicke (Univ. of Warwick): The ‘Glasgow Girls’: Many Faces of Child Asylum Seekers

1.30-2.30 Lunch Break
2.30-3.30 Panel 4: Chair: Urmimala Sarkar (JNU)
Milija Gluhovic (Warwick): Citizenship and Religion in these Times
A.P. Rajaram (JNU) Remembering Sadir: Reclaiming Presence

3.45-5.30 Panel Discussion on Ethics and Negotiation with Government, Funders, and other interested groups: Chair: Janelle Reinelt (Warwick)
Members from Ice and Fire, Cardboard Citizens, Natasha Davis, Sohini Chakraborty, Carran Waterfield
5.30-6.30 And in Closing:
Bishnupriya Dutt (JNU) and Shrinkhla Sahai (JNU) Respond to the Conference
6.30 Closing Reception (Food and Wine)

To find out more about the the Gendered Citizenship and Performance project, access the project's homepage here.

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