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Education for Sustainable Development

Education for
Sustainable Development

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the School for Cross-faculty Studies

The Way to Sustainable

"Warwick’s Strategy 2030 presents a vision for the University as we build into the future, committing us to excellence with purpose; to having a positive impact on society. Our strategy commits us to growth and embeds sustainable development into our strategic plans and activities, so we must find better ways of operating to ensure our growth is environmentally sustainable.

If we are to be credible global citizens and leaders, we need to be prepared to roll up our sleeves, get involved and prove that change can happen. We accept that no one person, group, or organisation has all the answers, and the journey to a sustainable future will be unpredictable and demanding. But it is a path we must take, and we all must work together. We’re calling Warwick’s approach to sustainability ‘the Way to Sustainable’, a name that reflects our collective journey of continuous improvement and the important elements of curiosity, learning, engagement, collaborative planning, and action needed to achieve the most effective outcomes."

- Professor Stuart Croft, Vice Chancellor at the University of Warwick

The University of Warwick is dedicated to enabling our students to become responsible global citizens, providing them with the skills and attributes to be active contributors in our journey towards the achievement of the SDGs, and empowering our students to take responsibility and lead transformative change. Below are the key pillars that will help the University to achieve a more sustainable future for ourselves and for future generations

Warwick is committed to progressing its contribution to the United Nations' SDGs, guided by the insight from its research and building on its educational excellence. We are a world-leading research-intensive university, and are very well placed to tackle global challenges, through both disciplinary excellence and truly interdisciplinary and innovative research across the social sciences, arts and humanities, and science, engineering, and medicine.

This mission is supported by the Institute for Global Sustainable Development, acting as a transdisciplinary gateway to research on global sustainable development at Warwick, and by faculties and many departments across the University that are focused on contributing to the SDGs within their research.

"There is an understanding that change is all around us. What is important is to develop a consensus as to how we make the world more sustainable. Sustainability is everything, and for everyone. It is actually about our real commitment to make the world better. We as a collective body, we need to ensure not only that each one of us is committed, we need to find consensus, share practice, and also have a policy impact, so that all this knowledge will be of relevance."

- Professor Elena Korosteleva, Director of the Institute for Global Sustainable Development

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