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About Us

The School challenges its students to think critically and creatively, to question, debate and examine the impacts of solutions upon the global society. Our graduates are Global Citizens who understand the key problems facing the contemporary world and are capable of deploying a range of intellectual tools to address and tackle these Big Questions.

We provide courses of study that lead to the very best employability outcomes for our graduates using teaching and learning techniques which equip students with a range of relevant skills. Each of our degrees includes an integrated skills development programme designed to give students the opportunity to develop core competencies in skills which employers tell us are needed in order to succeed in the modern workplace.

Find out more about our undergraduate degree courses in Liberal Arts and Global Sustainable Development.


The School is headed by Professor Cathia Jenainati who is the Academic Director for the School's courses. Cathia is supported by a team of academic colleagues working on the Liberal Arts and Global Sustainable Development degrees.

Mrs Julia Gretton is the School's Administrator. Julia is supported by the School's Administrative Assistant, Anne Maynard and two Interdisciplinary Programmes' Officers who are responsible for the day to day running of the School's courses in Liberal Arts and Global Sustainable Development.