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Recent projects

Raphael, School of Athens, fresco, 1509-1511 (Stanza della Segnatura, Papal Palace, Vatican)

The Reception of Aristotle's Poetics in the Italian Renaissance and Beyond: New Directions in Criticism

Researcher: Dr Bryan Brazeau (Liberal Arts)

Using new and cutting-edge perspectives, this book explores literary criticism and the reception of Aristotle's Poetics in early modern Italy.

Climate, Change, Drought, Environment, Desert

The role of Europe in Global Challenges: Climate change and Sustainable Development

Researcher: Dr Rosa Fernandez (Global Sustainable Development)

Aiming to bring together researchers and practitioners at different stages of their careers, interested in different aspects of the topic.

Dynamism of land use and livelihood strategies among highland ethnic minorities

Researcher: Dr Marco J Haenssgen (Global Sustainable Development)

Aiming to use the story completion technique together with visual media to produce narratives that give villagers a new channel to engage policy and the broader public with their personal experiences and livelihood changes.

Activity Spaces and Household Exclusion from Food Environments

Researcher: Dr Marco J Haenssgen (Global Sustainable Development)

Developing a metric – called the index of household exclusion from External food environments (EFE) – to assess how households interact with their EFE, and the extent to which they participate in or are excluded from their EFE.

Antibiotics and activity spaces

Researcher: Dr Marco J Haenssgen (Global Sustainable Development)

Reimaging global health policy as development policy, recognising that antimicrobial resistance is only one among several symptoms of deeper-rooted social problems.

FIDELIO: Forecasting social impacts of biodiversity conservation policies in Europe

Researcher: Dr Nikoleta Jones (Institute for Global Sustainable Development)

Exploring why some Protected Areas are more effective than others, setting at its core the unravelling of complexities in socio-ecological systems of Protected Areas and the important role of social impacts of these conservation policies.

Brightly coloured fruit and vegetables in a market in China

Addressing micronutrient deficiencies associated with the double burden of childhood malnutrition in China, a combined food system framework

Researcher: Dr Xiaodong Lin (Global Sustainable Development)

Engaging with local communities, families and particularly mothers, to explore the determinants of malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies, and the social and cultural barriers to uptake of nutrition interventions.

Life Stories of Cuban Internationalist Healthcare Professionals

Researcher: Dr St├ęphanie Panichelli-Batalla (School for Cross-faculty Studies)

Focusing on the impact of Humanitarian Aid on identity construction and alteration, and more specifically on the case of the Cuban Internationalist Solidarity Programme.

Sustainable Lives in Scarred Landscapes: Heritage, Environment, and Violence in the China-Myanmar Jade Trade

Researcher: Dr Mandy Sadan (Global Sustainable Development)

Collecting life stories that reflect the complexities and nuance of how jadeite is implicated in everyday lives in this region.

Drugs and (Dis)order: Building Sustainable Peacetime Economies in the Aftermath of War

Researcher: Dr Mandy Sadan (Global Sustainable Development)

Finding policy solutions to transform drug economies into peacetime economies in the aftermath of war, working in Afghanistan, Colombia and Myanmar.

Protected areas and people

Researchers: Dr Jess Savage (Global Sustainable Development) and Dr Godwin Yeboah (Institute for Global Sustainable Development)

Helping to find sustainable, long term solutions by developing strategic tools for the effective design and implementation of management systems. This research will allow the expansion of current knowledge networks throughout Cambodia, and into nearby Myanmar.

Institute for Global Sustainable Development (IGSD) research projects