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Work Packages

WP1: Making Data Flows Visible

Make visible the way citizens, local government authorities, and other agencies involved in the management of water-related risks engage with data on flooding.

WP2: Community Engagement Through Data Circulation

Engage intergenerational groups of citizens to produce, circulate and embed data, which incorporates and builds upon pre-existing flood memories and local knowledge of flood risk, to increase community resilience.

WP3: Data Integration and Curation for Decision Support

Integrate citizen-generated data with other data sources, such as environmental sensors, socio-demographics and risk mapping, in ways that support decision-making and policy-making on flooding.

WP4: Transformations Towards Waterproofing Data

Facilitate transformations of the data practices of key stakeholders, ensuring community knowledge of the research is accessible to all project stakeholders and beyond.

WP5: Translation of Waterproof Data Into Sustainable Governance

Translate “waterproof data” into sustainable flood risk governance, through integrating the different work streams, tracking governance changes and promoting a transcultural dialogue on flood data practices.

WP6: Development and Application of a citizen-science mobile application for community resilience.

Scaling up and dissemination of the project's methods to engage schools, flood-prone communities and local governments in the production and circulation of flood-related data to improve flood resilience.