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Transformations Towards Waterproofing Data

Work package 4 is specifically designed to ensure the research is directly and thoughtfully incorporated into transformations of the data practices of key stakeholders and to further ensure that community knowledge of the research is accessible to all members of the community and beyond.

This work package involves working together with the main stakeholder groups from the first three work packages (centres of expertise, local government, and communities in São Paulo and Acre) to ensure the research conducted in the previous work packages will have a transformative impact.Three workshops will be conducted - one each at CEMADEN, São Paulo City Council and Acre Government. The workshops will consist of focus groups and last for a day (approximately 8 hours). Researchers from across Work Packages 1-3 will begin by presenting the main research findings and output and after this, workshop participants will consider how the research findings may inform the transformation of existing data practices in each organisation. Each workshop will be facilitated with the aid of user-centred design techniques, namely personas, storyboards, and user scenarios. The workshops will be structured so as to first present ongoing findings (diagnostic phase), second facilitate creative thinking about current and future infrastructural practices (creative or dream phase) and thirdly, to advance idea and principles that might be taken into practice situations (challenge or operational phase). At the end of each workshop, Work Package 4 researchers in collaboration with stakeholders will produce a written recommendation for how best to achieve organisational transformation through improved data practices.

Work Package 4 will also produce and curate two exhibitions, with the aim of transforming perceptions about the role of data in improving flood resilience within the communities of south-west metropolitan São Paulo and Rio Branco. These local exhibitions will be designed by Dr Nerea Cavillo equally draw from research data generated across Work Packages 1-3, but in this case, the data will be used as a basis for an artistic intervention to connect citizens to research findings and raise awareness about flood risks and resilient behaviours.