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Community Engagement through Data Circulation

In this work package we combine a number of humanities methods for engaging citizens through the creation of multimodal interfaces for sensing, collecting and communicating of flood data (incorporating flood memories, narratives and local/lay knowledge).

Our methods attempt to bring citizens (their place-memories of flooding) and science (the geo-localization of flooding) knowledge together in new ways. Participants will come from two communities, one in the extreme southwest of the metropolitan region of São Paulo (through the M’Boi Urban Research Station) and one in Rio Branco, Acre. We engage with intergenerational groups not only to produce data which will flow back to the Centres of Expertise, but also to document local knowledge and enable skill/knowledge transfer within the communities. Therefore, this research includes intergenerational methods of knowledge production (through storytelling activities), knowledge sharing (through analogue and digital media/channels) and knowledge exchange (citizen-to-science-to-citizen). It also extends to what flooding data can mean by daylighting experiences, myths, memories, collective knowledge, personal mediations and anecdotes of flooding and flood risk.