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Mobile Female Benevolent Society Records

University of South Alabama Archives

Minutes 1860-1864

Jan 4 1860
Managers elected
Mrs Danl McNeill 1st dir
Mrs Morris 2nd dir
Mrs Schroeder tres
Mrs E M Beach sec
Mrs Walker
Mrs Dickey
Mrs Lowe
Mrs Barnwell
Mrs Beck
Mrs George
Mrs Kendall
Mrs Stewart
Mrs Murphey
Mrs Prior
Mrs Witter
Mrs Barnes
Mrs Murrell
Mrs Marshall
Mrs Ruggles managers

Tres reports income of $1134.60, exp $1115.85

Feb 6 1860
Mrs Dickey reports sickness in 'the row' and increased exp for wood

March 5 1860
'Mrs McNeil brought the names of four women not in the 'row' whom she had assisted & had authorised the hiring of a nurse for an ? women suffering from insanity'

April 2 1860
'Mrs Ruggles requested assistance for Mrs Laudridge who has three children & very needy resolved to give her $5 for her present necessities'

May 7 1860
'Mrs Ruggles reported having paid $2.50 to Mrs Landridge being the amount of her rent for the present month. Mary Donaldson & a Mrs Blackburn applied for admission to the 'row'. A note was received from Rev Mr McLean certifying to the worthiness & great need of Mrs Blackburn it was resolved to give her the preference over Mary Donaldson who is already cared for by the church & has many friends'

Nov 5 1860
Reported assisting 11 families outside the 'row' during summer; ladies purchase a sewing machine for Mrs Russel