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Tuscaloosa Female Benevolent Society

UA W S Hoole Special Colls No 1115 GG

Minutes Book 1 1853-1860

Oct 24 1853
Annual meeting ' few present'
Reports that TFBS assisted 12 families during 1853 costing $99.07; list of 92 subscribers each paying $1, all female

Oct 2  1854
'small attendance', 77 subs

Dec 4 1854
'Mrs Gould reported the case of Mrs Shirley and was authorised to assist her' ie members investigate claims for help and report to society

March 5 1855
'Mrs Hargrove was authorised to assist Mrs Pope to the amount of three dollars a month' ie outdoor relief

Nov 5 1855
14 families helped during last year

Nov 11 1856
'The secretary presented a letter received from the J.O.O.F (masons?) containing a draft for the sum of fifty dollars, as a donation to the society to be expended by them for the relief of the indigent poor'

Jan 5 1857
Annual report counts 80 subs, 12 families assisted, costing $76.35

Jan 4 1859
Annual report 21 families helped costing $194.35

Jan 5 1860
'Received from the citizens of Tuskaloosa through the agency of the Young Men's Christian Association the sum of $212.00 to be appropriated to the distressed among the factory operatives'
accounts of expenditures show that money would be given for specific items eg bacon, clothing, medicine, wool, wood, sugar, coffee, shoes, travel, washing (sept 20 1858, 'paid to servant for washing for Bowen family $3'), rent, tuition ('Feb 6 1858, 'to be expended in paying the tuition of William McMillan $15'). Mainly to women, esp those with children described as 'widow' or 'feeble old widow' Mrs Coker 'drunken husband'

Volume 2 1861-1868

Jan 7 1861
Reports $50 'paid to Mrs Peck for tuition for indigent children in her school'; 35 families assisted, $445.65 spent