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Delaware Societies (13 societies)

Female Distributing Society for the relief of the poor
Formed by Quaker women in 1813

Female Hospital Society
Formed in 1819 to aid the aged, sick and poor.

Male Society for the Relief of the Poor
Formed by Quakers in 1813

Newcastle Female Benevolent Society
Founded in 1817 to provide free education.


Female Union Society of Smyrna
Founded in 1817 to provide free education


Benevolent Society
Founded in Wilmington in 1822

Dorcas Society
Provided clothing for the poor of Wilmington from 1818
See: 'The Dorcas Society' The Circular 1 (1824-5) 163

Female Benevolent Society, Wilmington
Formed in 1800 to provide widespread relief
See: A Historical Sketch of the Female Benevolent Society (Wilmington, 1972)

Female Charitable Society
Founded in Wilmington before 1824

Female Harmony Society of Wilmington, aka Union Female Harmony School
Founded in 1814 to provide free education

Humane Society of Wilmington
Founded in 1812

La Fayette Asylum for Poor Widows and Orphan Children
Founded in Wilmington in 1824

Society for the Relief of the Poor
Founded in Wilmington in 1813-14.