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Mississippi Societies (12 societies)


Catholic Boy's Orphanage

Founded 1860

Female Charitable Society

Founded on March 12, 1816 to assist poor children, orphans and widows. Incorportated on February 17, 1819, constructed a house for the orphans in 1823m and and changed its name to the Protestant Orphan Asylum of Natchez in 1825. Later still, the name changed to the Natchez Children's Home.
See: Records Book 1816-22; Minute Book, 1835-1840; Accounts 1838-60; Children's Records Book, 1850-1894 etc in Natchez Children's Home Records, 1816-1945, 1990 in Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin. (thanks for Nancy Zey for correctly locating these records); Annual Report The Mississippi State Gazette, Saturday, March 19, 1825; Natchez Gazette Saturday, March 18, 1826

Natchez Charitable Association

Founded in 1853 to aid yellow fever sufferers and orphans
See: Natchez Charitable Association Minute book, 1853-1858, City Clerk's Records, Natchez; Rules - The Mississippi Free Trader, and Natchez Gazette, (Natchez, MS) Friday, September 21, 1855

Natchez Hibernian Society

In existence in 1844 

Natchez Institute

Free School founded in 1845, sometimes known simply as the Natchez Free School.

See: Second Report of the Board of Visitors of the Natchez Institute (Natchez, 1846) and Annual Report of the Board of Visitors of the Natchez Institute (Natchez, 1854)

Natchez Hospital

Founded on January 18, 1805, 'to give relief to all indignet boatmen, paupers and all other person or persons who ... may be in want of medical aid and assistance.' Supported by taxes on river traffic from 1823, and from 1836 a board of trustees and managers, including the Mayor of Natchez, given oversight of the institution.

Natchez Mechanical Society

Mutual aid society incorportated on March 3rd 1809

St. Mary's Orphan Asylum

Catholic Orphanage opened in 1847, also operated a school with paying pupils.

See: Mississippi Free Trader and Natchez Gazette, (Natchez, MS) Saturday, August 03, 1850


Harmony Society of Jefferson County

Incorporated in 1823 for 'the pormotion of piety, morality, and the education of youth in Jefferson County.'

Mechanics' Mutual Benefit Society of Vicksburg

Incorporated in 1837 as a mutual aid society for members and families, with provision for a library for the use of members.

Mechanics' Society of Woodville

Mutual aid society incorporated in 1833

Mississippi Hibernian Society

Founded and incorporated on January 18th, 1826