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Missouri Societies (34 societies)

St Louis

Caledonian Society of St Louis

Mutual society founed in 1853.

Catholic Orphan Association of St Louis

Organised in 1841

Episcopal Home for Children

Founded in 1845
See: Minutes, annual reports, children's records  from 1845  in Diocese of Missouri Archives.

Erin Benevolent Society

Mutual society to relieve the sick and poor, founded in 1818

Female Benevolent Society

Founded in 1824 by Fr. Fiel. aka Female Charitable Society

See: Missouri Republican, (St. Louis, MO) [Monday], [January 26, 1824]; Constitution -  St. Louis Enquirer (St. Louis, MO) Monday, February 16, 1824

German Protestant Orphan's Home

Founded in 1858 as an emergency shelter for children. Director was Rev Louis E Nollan of St Peter's Evangelical Church.

German Ladies Benevolent Society

Incorporated by the legislature in 1855

Gertrude Charity Society

Girl's Industrial Home of St Louis

Founded in 1833 to provide education for vagrant girls.

Home for the Friendless (Old Ladies Home)

Founded in 1853 by Mrs Charlotte Taylor Blow Charless, as a nursing home for indigent women

Infant School Society of St. Louis

Founded in 1830

Ladies of Charity (St Louis)

Voluntary society founded in 1857

Ladies of the Sacred Heart Orphan School

Founded in St. Louis in 1827

La Salle Orphanage and Reformatory

Founded in 1858 by Christian Brothers, intake of 50 boys that year.

Missouri Hibernian Relief Society

Founded in 1827

Society for the Diffusion of Alms

Founded in 1838 by Bishop Rosati

St Louis Hibernian Benevolent Society

In existence in 1841 

See: Daily Missouri Republican, (St. Louis, MO) Monday, March 22, 1841

St Louis Mullanphy Hospital

Founded 1828 run by the Sisters of Charity

St Louis Orphan Asylum

Orphanage founded in 1834 run by the Sisters of Charity

St Louis Port Society

Founded to aid seamen in 1841

See: Daily Missouri Republican, (St. Louis, MO) Tuesday, June 29, 1841

St Louis Protestant Orphan Home

Founded in 1834 as the St Louis Association for the Relief of Orphan Children, as an ecumenical response to the 1832 cholera epidemic.

St Vincent de Paul Society

Founded by Frederick Ozanam in 1833

The Good Samaritan Hospital of St Louis

Founded in 1856 by Rev Louis E Nollan for medical and spiritual care of German immigrants. Later known as the Good Samaritan Home for the Aged.

Location Unknown

B'Nai El Ladies Aid Society

Chesed Shel Emeth Free Burial Society

Hebrew Benevolent Society

Hebrew Free & Industrial Society School

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

Hebrew Young Men's Association

Home for Aged & Infirm Israelites

Jewish Charitable & Education Union

Jewish Orphan's Home

Jewish Relief Society

United Hebrew Relief Association