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North Carolina Societies (16 societies)


Fayetteville Mechanic Benevolent Society

In existence in 1839

Female Orphan Asylum Society

Voluntary society incorporated in 1813, closed in 1822.

Female Benevolent Society

Voluntary society founded in 1820, closed in 1830 aka United Female Benevolent Society of North Carolina. Helped the sick, provided work for unemployed women, and cared for orphans

See: 'A Society' Southern Evangelical Intelligencer 1 (1819-20) 326; 3rd Annual Report Carolina Observer February 27, 1823.

Female Society of Industry

Voluntary society founded in 1830

Ladies Benevolent Society of St. John's Parish

In existence in 1860, distributes clothing to the poor, perhaps the same as the Working Society of St John's church (in existence 1837)

See: Fayetteville Observer, (Fayetteville, NC) Thursday, May 03, 1860; Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, NC) Thursday, April 20, 1837


Newbern Female Charitable Society

Voluntary society incorporated by state legislature in 1812.

Newbern Female Benevolent Society

Voluntary society founded in 1854


Raleigh Female Benevolent Society

Voluntary society founded in 1821 - still in existence in 1854

See: Revised Constitution and By-Laws of the Raleigh Female Benevolent Society adopted July 23rd 1823. With reports of the society from its commencement. (Raleigh: J. Gales & Son, 1823) available online; John S. Ravenscroft, A Sermon delivered on the anniversary of the Female Benevolent Society, Raleigh, on Sunday the 25th July 1824 (Raleigh, 1824)

Raleigh Mechanics' Association

Mutual aid society incorporated in 1841.


Female Benevolent Society of Wilmington

Voluntary society incorporated by the state legislature in 1817

Ladies Benevolent Society

Voluntary society incorporated in 1852

Ladies Working Society of St James' Church

Incorporated in 1833

Mechanics Benevolent Society of Wilmington

Mutual society incorporated in 1824.

Seaman's Friend Society

Founded in 1835, incorporated in 1854 to aid visiting seamen.
See: Records including financial ledgers from 1853 in Duke University Library.


Asbury Female Mite Society

Founded in Wilmington in 1820 to raise money for Methodist clergy.

The Benevolent Society

Male Society incorporated by the legislature in 1811

Charity School

Founded in Warrenton in 1821

Elizabeth City Dorcas Society

Voluntary society incorporated in 1830

Society Hill Female Benevolent Society (Iredell Co)

Founded in 1817