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Texas Societies (12 societies)

Hibernian Benevolent and Mutual Aid Association
Founded in Austin

Columbus Hebrew Benevolent Society

French Benevolent Society of Galveston
Founded in 1860 to assist French immigrants.
See: Membership records from 1860 in Rosenberg Library, Galveston.

Galveston Orphan's Home

Galveston Port Society
Founded in 1858 to improve the moral and social condition of seamen
See: Minutes, financial records etc from 1858 in Rosenberg Library, Galveston.

Hebrew Benevolent Society
Founded in Galveston in 1852

Howard Association of Galveston
Founded initially as a informal group in 1844 to assist those affected by Yellow Fever with medical care and to manage relief donations. Became a Howard Association in 1845 and adopted rules and a constitution in 1854.
See: Minutes, financial records, death lists etc in Rosenberg Library, Galveston.

St Mary's Orphanage
Founded in Galveston by the Sisters of Charity

Hebrew Benevolent Society
Founded in 1855 in Houston

Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Association
Founded in Mexia

Hebrew Benevolent Society
Founded in La Grange

Western Texas Orphan Asylum
Founded in 1848 by Louis Cachard Ervandberg