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Washington D.C. Societies (21 societies)


Female Benevolent Society of Georgetown

Founded in 1813, it provided poor women with clothing work, and supplied the finished products to poor children.

Female Orphan Society of Georgetown

Founded in 1816

Georgetown Girls Academy

School for female orphans founded in 1816 and run by the Sisters of Charity.

Lancaster School at Georgetown

Founded before 1812
See: Joseph Lancaster, The British system of education: being a complete epitome of the improvements and inventions practiced, to which is added, a report of the trusees of the Lancaster School at Georgetown. (Georgetown, DC, 1812); Annual Report, Daily National Journal , (Washington, DC) Tuesday, December 14, 1824


Charitable Society of St Patrick's Church

Voluntary society
See: Records in St Patrick's Church Archives

Female Relief Society

In existence in 1832

Female School of Industry

Founded in 1827

Female Union Band Society

Mutual society founded in 1842 by free black women.

Friendship Benevolent Society

In existence in 1835

German Benevolent Society

In existence in 1846 with 200-300 members.

Howard Society

Formed in 1824 to provide employment to the industrious poor, especially women.

See: Daily National Journal , (Washington, DC) Saturday, November 06, 1824; Annual Report U.S. Telegraph and Commercial Herald , (Washington, DC) Saturday, December 23, 1826

Resolute Beneficial Society

Founded in c.1818 to educate free blacks.

Sisters of Charity

In existence in 1829 with an asylum housing 23 girls and a school with 30 pupils

See: Augusta Chronicle, (Augusta, GA) Saturday, March 28, 1829

Soup Society

Founded in 1822

St Vincent's School and Orphan Asylum

School and orphanage opened in 1825 and run by the Sisters of Charity.

Washington Benevolent Society of Young Men

Founded before 1810

Washington Female Charitable Society

Founded by 1819

Washington Female Orphan Asylum Society

Founded in 1815, changed name to the Washington City Orphan Asylum Society in 1828

Washington Alms House

State funded poorhouse

Washington Relief Society

Male society founded in October 1830, opened an asylum in 1831 for all types of poor people.

See: Constitution, United States’ Telegraph (Washington, DC) Monday, October 18, 1830; United States’ Telegraph, (Washington, DC) Monday, January 24, 1831; United States’ Telegraph (Washington, DC) [Wednesday], [April 13, 1831]The Globe (Washington, DC) Friday, September 30, 1831; United States’ Telegraph (Washington, DC) Saturday, December 17, 1831; United States’ Telegraph (Washington, DC) Saturday, February 04, 1832; United States’ Telegraph (Washington, DC) Friday, November 22, 1833

Western Dorcas Society

Out-door relief society organised by women.

See: Annual Report, Daily National Journal, (Washington, DC) Thursday, December 13, 1827