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Arts TEAL Working Group

If you are concerned about learning technologies at Warwick, this is your chance to share your experiences and ideas with people who can help.

The TEAL WG will meet at least once a term to:

  • Review technologies, training and support for the use of tech in teaching in the Arts Faculty.
  • Plan training and support events, and communications (TEAL web site and bulletin).
  • Identify problems and emerging requirements, and communicate them to the relevant service providers who will be in attendance (Academic Technology, IT, AV etc.).
  • Consider the implications of possible or planned changes, and make recommendations to services and departments.
  • Identify and share successes.
  • Work with service providers to plan changes to technologies, training and support.

Working Group meeting agendas will include:

  1. Issues and emerging requirements.
  2. Training and communications plan.
  3. News from the services and service development projects.
  4. A guest presentation from outside of the Faculty (in November 2021 we will be joined by Diana Shore from WMG presenting her work on inclusion and the student experience of technology).

This TEAL WG is distinct from other initiatives that are concerned with educational strategy. It is pragmatic and focussed on the short to medium term.

The TEAL WG is open to all Arts Faculty staff, and we hope to get representation from all departments. For most members of the department, the best way to work with the WG is to share information about problems, needs and successes using our feedback form.

Feedback form

Use this form to tell us about problems, needs, ideas. and successes.

Meeting Dates

November 3rd 12-1pm

Spring week 5 tbc

Summer week 5 tbc

Attend a meeting

If you plan to attend on November 3rd, please register using this form (if you have problems contact Robert O'Toole).