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Plan your learning design and how you will implement it

Once you have a good definition of what you want to achieve, guidance and support is available to assist you in planning the digital artefacts you need to build and the processes you need to follow in order to get them ready to be built.

Outcomes of this stage

Design guides

It's a good idea to think about the full lifecycle of digital artefacts that you want to create. First get to know how Moodle courses, Teams spaces, videos etc. come into being, are published, used, and reused over time.



To save time we are creating templates for the digital artefacts that you might want to create. Sometimes you will just want to go with these "out of the box". Other times use them as a starting-point for your creativity.


Expert support

Get help from Academic Technologists, fellow teachers, and expert students. Join a group who are developing the same kinds of digital artfacts as you. Partner with an expert who can guide you through the process.