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BA (Hons) Media and Creative Industries

BA (Hons) Media and Creative Industries

This new course for the University of Warwick draws upon the Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies' (CMPS) national and international reputation for delivering employment-focused education for the media, cultural and creative industries. CMPS was the first university in the world to launch a course in this area (the MA Creative and Media Enterprises in 1999) and since then universities in many countries have followed our lead. We want to share our experience, expertise, research and industry connections with undergraduates who wish to join one of the fastest growing and exciting sectors in the global economy.

We will prepare you for a career in the media, cultural and creative industries. You will learn how to create value from your ideas; communicate your passion for media and culture; think critically, creatively, ethically and strategically about cultural values and media communications. You will learn how to plan, buy, research, develop, distribute, produce and commission creative work; as well as understand the industrial, political, technological and social issues that underpin the creative process. You will be required to think globally, act locally, and consider your own personal values and aspirations. You will also develop the attitudes necessary to shape and influence these industries in ways that will create the kind of media we want in the world.

Theory, Practice, Industry

This course is designed to prepare you for a graduate or freelance career in media, cultural and creative industries in the UK and beyond. We have not re-packaged an existing course or recycled existing modules. From a fresh perspective we have created a distinctive course design, innovative modules and a unique teaching, learning and assessment experience. We have incorporated the ideas and opinions of students, experts, industry leaders and alumni to create three integrated work streams: theory, practice, industry that are evenly balanced and carefully thought through. In the course you will learn how to create value from your ideas; communicate your passion for media and culture; think critically, creatively, ethically and strategically about values within media, creative and communications projects, industries and contexts.

The UK Creative Economy is booming and so are the creative economies of many countries new to the power, reach and significance of the increasingly global and converged media, cultural and creative industries. In 2017 there were 3.12 million creative economy jobs in the UK, and of these 1.1 million were in the creative industries themselves (Source DCMS statistics July 2018 Drawing upon our 25 years of expertise in the research and teaching of creative, media and cultural industries programmes and our diverse industry contacts across a range of sectors, you will develop your creative, management, critical and communication skills.

Teaching and Learning Strategy

Our Centre teaches students from at least 25 different countries from a variety of cultural, social, linguistic and personal backgrounds. Our classes are inclusive, interactive, comprising of media labs, seminars, workshops, discussions, personal tutorials and are often student-led, applied and enquiry-based. You will be part of strategic venture working in a highly interactive group learning environment. This means you can integrate technologies where appropriate: recording, capturing and designing your knowledge acquisition and applying your ideas. The Centre has a strong track record in fostering participation, critical self-reflection and team building. Our teaching and learning strategy ensures students are self-directed and career focused. Many of the modules feature collaborative projects with businesses as well as industry placements. You will develop knowledge through writing and communication skills but also through practical projects, group projects, presentations, case studies, reports and assignments that will require engagement with a range of diverse technologies.

We take a blended approach to assessment. While there are no formal examinations on any of our Centre programmes, there is a mixture of assessment strategies designed to test the widest range of skills. Assignments come in a variety of forms: design-led projects, (video) essays, case studies, evaluations, reports, proposals and business plans. These are complemented by group presentations and tasks, team building exercises and creative and media projects. We mentor our students to ensure they are supported.

Your Tutors

You will be taught by a team of highly qualified academic staff with a range of professional and research backgrounds. Many of these tutors have national and international profiles for their research and pedagogy. You will also benefit from the knowledge and experience of highly skilled media, communication and creative professionals who contribute both to teaching and our guest speaker programme. These experts offer practical tasks, industry insights and real-world examples. You will leave us well more prepared for the challenges of professional life, or to pursue further academic goals, or even to start your own creative venture.

Encounter a distinctive approach

The Warwick Model of small class sizes, close contact between students and staff, an integrated, coherent curriculum, individualised attention and innovative teaching practices ensures deep engagement in a stimulating intellectual environment.

We attract students wishing to develop their careers and at the same time reflect on the wider implications of their ideas and ambitions in the culture, media, communication and creative industries. Our students imagine themselves as successful professionals, leaders, creators and innovators, and we match their imaginations with personalised attention.

Graduates from our Centre have an excellent employment record and our global alumni network of over 1500 postgraduates is testament to the leadership roles they have achieved. We draw upon our alumni network's skills and experience, as well as decades of close relationships with industry to support our undergraduate students' aspirations.

Next OPEN DAY 19th Oct 2019.

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