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MA in International Cultural Policy and Management

Course Director: Dr Maria Barrett

What is the relationship between culture and politics...?

As culture becomes a key term in a range of policy-contexts, and the concept of ‘culturally led policy’ acquires an even more important position in the public, private and non-governmental sectors, a range of new career opportunities have arisen in the cultural sector. This course engages with these developments and will prepare you for the diverse managerial challenges of careers in the cultural sector.

Cultivate your critical thinking skills...

As well as engaging with the practical realities of cultural and managerial practice, the course equally creates a space for reflection and criticism. You will be invited to question many of the assumptions, including your own, on which cultural policies are based, trace the ideological roots of our attitude to arts and culture, and examine cultural policy from a range of political and theoretical perspectives.

Develop your managerial and leadership skills...

You will develop the professional skills needed to take on managerial and policy-making roles within both the public and private sectors through the investigation of cultural organisations and the policy contexts within which they operate.

Explore ideas in a global context...

The course takes the international dimension of cultural policy and management as its starting point, drawing on experiences and examples from around the world. If you come to Warwick, you will become part of a diverse and international group of staff and students whose own unique viewpoints make up a stimulating and exciting learning environment.