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Nadine Holdsworth's The Ecologies of Amateur Theatre, has won TaPRA’s 2019 David Bradby Award for outstanding research.


Nadine Holdsworth's co-authored book 'The Ecologies of Amateur Theatre' has won TaPRA’s 2019 David Bradby Award for outstanding research.

'The judges noted that Ecologies of Amateur Theatre offers a rigorous, engaging, overdue intervention into dominant presumptions - in theatre scholarship and professional theatre practice - about the ‘value’ of amateur theatre. This is a thoroughly researched, theoretically astute, critically vibrant and methodologically innovative approach to questions of cultural practice and theatre touching deeply on a range of issues of very broad interest, including craft, capital, feeling, temporality and much more. The monograph upends multiple presumptions and genuinely offers our field new and significant knowledge about a much-maligned sector. The authors research with feeling, which is refreshing and highly appropriative given the focus of the work: this is a valuably self-reflexive attempt to locate practices and objects of study without fixing either rigidly which offers an inspiring model to others. The engagement with those ‘studied’ is sensitive and respectful and the inclusion of journal entries brought the voices of the researchers, as well as the subjects of the research, into clear view'.

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Thu 05 Sep 2019, 09:00 | Tags: Prof. Nadine Holdsworth Research