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Thank you for agreeing to be a part of this research study. You will find detailed information about the project and an important consent form to WHICH YOU MUST AGREE at the end of this first survey. Please fill this questionnaire out as soon as possible, certainly BEFORE you see the production. The second survey will be sent to you the morning after you've seen the show, and the third survey two months later. (These will be links sent to you by email.)

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For more information about the project, click on: FURTHER INFORMATION
I understand that my information will be held and processed for the following purposes:
Use A for academic articles and presentations comparing the data across the project; may be published in books, journals, or newspapers. (yes or no)
Use B for public discussion at the theatre, on websites, blogs, or social media, in op-ed pieces or public speeches (yes or no)
Use C for future grant applications, in final reports of this present project, and in any requested reports of this research by government or civic organisations.
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Privacy statement
Your participation is voluntary and you are free to withdraw at any time without giving any reason and without being penalized or disadvantaged in any way. Your data will be anonymised and stored on secure computer servers at the University of Warwick for a duration of 10 years, at which point it will be permanently destroyed. By submitting the survey you agree to all these matters.
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