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What attendees said about Warwick Translates 2019

Warwick Translates 2019

“This was an amazing time! Thank you so much. It was fantastically organised and everyone was lovely and friendly, so interesting and experienced. I really had the best week and hope it runs again!”

“Will highly recommend the course to others – it was great, and the atmosphere very conducive to exchange on all kinds of levels.”

“Wonderful, inspiring: classes, people … so much to think about.”

“This was a great week – intense but in a good way!”

“It was a fantastic opportunity to spend a few days diving into the art and craft of translation. I’m an experienced freelance translator and it was lovely to take a breather from work/deadlines and just focus on quality and pleasure. I’m confident that some of the skills I’ve learned on this course will help improve the quality of my work as I continue to develop professionally.”

“The experience has been inspirational!”

“Thank you SO MUCH for creating this space! My cup has been filled (and is overflowing) with translatory joy and enthusiasm. The past five days have been one unending fascinating conversation. I feel so privileged to have talked with such talented, interested and interesting people.”

“Overall a fabulous experience and a very well-organised event. Our tutor was superb.”

“It was amazing. I really really enjoyed every minute – discussing our translations in groups, lunchtime and evening talks. I liked how there was a combination of academic and industry-focused talks.”

“I was so impressed by the level of support and knowledge that Ruth [Ahmedzai] has offered us this week. Her personal experience in the field of Arabic literary translation has been invaluable. She has made a marked impact on my career trajectory and I’m so happy and grateful for this opportunity. I feel like I’ve truly benefited linguistically and practically from the other students and Ruth. I will definitely recommend the Arabic course to others!”

“I’ve had a really great time and I feel so confident to pursue literary translation. All the people have been so welcoming and it was a good mix of people with varied experience and ages etc. The days were really intense but this has been the best opportunity I’ve had to ask all of the difficult questions I’ve wanted to ask but not had the opportunity before.”

“It’s been a hugely positive experience for me. Before this, I wasn’t sure if literary translation was something I should even attempt. Now I feel I have the confidence to try to work in this field.”

“Very collaborative. Really enjoyed the small groups – friendly and supportive environment with lots of opportunity to participate.”

“I could not recommend this highly enough, it rekindled my love of translation after being burnt out by uni, the tutors taught me so much [...] and I am forever grateful for the experience.”