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Our Feedback

What did you find most useful about the course?
  • 'the interaction with great minds as well as creative translators'
  • 'how the exotic Chinese elements can be well translated into idiomatic English'
  • 'collaborative translations - group working - the practical advice provided by the talks'
  • 'learning from the experiences of professional translators'
  • 'interaction with fellow students and working closely with authorative translators'
  • 'learning how tough the world of literary translation is!'
  • 'watching/participating in the translation process of working translators ... getting to see the different apptoaches taken on the vast range of possible translation choices'
  • 'it helped me to see translation as a more creative process: at university it is more of a language-testing exercise'
  • 'it gave me an idea of the sector in general, how to work with publishers etc'
  • 'having the group translation sessions, and the practical information on agents and how to get a first translation published'
  • 'a lot of 1:1 help from tutors; discussions with other participants in workshop sessions; the lectures (for all attendees)'
  • 'I learned a lot of things I now need to have the chance to apply!'
  • 'Great to learn about other resources and support, for example the Emerging Translators' Group'
  • 'The consistent, intensive work with the tutors - very different approaches from both of ours'
  • 'The chance of mix individual work and group translation, and the ensuing discussions on terminology, register and voice'
  • 'Practical and theoretical informatio, personal experiences and networking'
  • 'Our tutor - Peter Bush - was so generous with his time; the other students; talks giving practical advice'
  • 'The opportunity to have excellent tutors and share views with other translators at a high standard. The real joy of picking over a text'
How did the Summer School meet your needs?
  • 'I came to have a better understanding of the target readership, the publishers and how to select the right books to translate'
  • 'Definitely very hands on, and great to be learning from both teachers and students of different backgrounds'
  • 'Immensely interesting: very varied texts, good talks, fab tutors, exremely well organised'
  • 'I was inspired, challenged and able to meet many fascinating people'
  • 'The practical talks - how to get started/how to write a reader's report etc - were really useful. So were the publishers' and editors' panels'
  • 'I was able to go to Russian in the mornings and French in the afternoons, which was great. It showed me how different the process was for different languages'
  • 'It met many needs as I realised I had little idea of the practicalities of getting into print, something I really needed to learn'
  • 'It helped me to have a better understanding of literary translation and to polish my translation skills'
  • 'It was very intense but that's the way I like it!'
  • 'I gained much useful insight into the work of a literary translators; the publishing industry's expectations; and realistic ways into the field'
  • 'I enjoyed the chance to work on specific piecesin some depth, discuss the challenges and joys of the job with peers and tutors. I found it invaluable'
  • 'I loved every minute! Thank you for a transformative experience!'
  • 'It was very intensive but great! Very helpful it you want literary translation to be your chosen career. A big thank-you to everyone'