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In-class VeVox Quizzes


In order to test their understanding of pre-recorded lectures, Atisha Ghosh asks her students to complete short multiple-choice online polls during her live lectures. Students are expected to watch a pre-recorded lecture about a week or so before attending a live lecture. During the last ten minutes of the live lecture, Atisha asks her students to log in to VeVox and answer five or six multiple-choice questions based on what they’ve learnt in the pre-recorded and live lectures.

Using VeVox in this ways helps to test students’ understanding of the lectures and gives Atisha a sense of how well students have understood the lecture content. It also helps to prepare students for their multiple-choice mid-term assessments.

Lesson plan

  1. Students watch a pre-recorded lecture before attending a live lecture.
  2. Atisha sets the questions in advance of the live lecture. She mostly uses multiple choice and is able put in any number of potential answers using the VeVox platform.
  3. During the live lecture, Atisha puts a QR code on a PowerPoint slide along with the password for the VeVox poll. The password changes for every poll.
  4. After logging in to the poll, the students see just the question and the options, while Atisha is shown the instructor’s screen.
  5. The results of the poll are instantaneous so students are able to see immediately if they have answered correctly.

Tutor's observations

The thing about VeVox that I really like is the visual aspect of it.

VeVox as an app is interdisciplinary. I think polls are applicable to every discipline as long as its multiple choice and short questions and answers.

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