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The CAPITAL Centre initiative is based on the premise that the process of making theatre is a model for good practice in teaching and learning. At the core of the process are skills such as:
  • Imagining other minds
  • Role-play and improvisation
  • Trust and teamwork
  • Risk-taking, playfulness
  • The interconnection of mind, body and emotions
  • Harnessing of diverse tasks and skills within a strict time framework (a director must get a show up in 6-12 weeks, with no option to delay or extend)
  • A pedagogic paradigm in which a model of discovery through the creative process complements the traditional model of a ‘flow of information’.
CAPITAL offers opportunities for teachers and learners to involve themselves in the making of theatre by supporting a Resident Theatre Company (Fail Better Productions), Artists in Residence, the RSC/Warwick International Playwright in Residence, subsidising theatre visits to plays relevant to the curriculum, and encouraging student drama.

























Fail Better Productions in performance

From Play Without a Title by Federico Garcia Lorca

Photography by peter marsh/ashmorevisuals