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The CAPITAL Centre works closely with a number of departments to enhance existing modules around the university. This page provides information on certain of the academic modules that have either been generated within or are working in collaboration with CAPITAL to trial new methods of teaching.

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Some responses to teaching at the CAPITAL Centre:

European Theatre (EN301) is an established English Department undergraduate module taken by up to 90 students, most of them without theatre experience. With the creation of the CAPITAL Centre, several seminar groups have been taught in the Studio. The aim is to provide students with an experiential as well as analytical exploratory relationship with classic texts. Here are some responses from students:

Our Euro Theatre seminars are a fantastic mix of practical and discussion based learning! Practical demonstrations/experiments really seem to supplement the academic processes of thought and discussion we explore, and the energising quality of that mix is powerful. It's always a pleasure to leave the CAPITALcentre after an hour and a half of that kind of study, feeling wide awake, both intellectually and physically. The seminars do not seem to penalise anyone for having less of an understanding of the plays than they might feel they ought to, since collaboration and experimentation allow everyone to leave with the maximum level of information that has been shared. This seems like a wonderful thing to me.
Simon Robinson

Really valuable. I find that they draw attention to aspects of the plays that I miss when reading the text, and they also often lead to the more interesting and unusual discussion points. I also like the way you try different techniques with each play, and that different people tend to participate each week, as it can be just as useful to observe as to perform.
Jenny Mills